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Project Scope

Quality of Life Faculty Community-Based Applied Research Grants are Awarded for proposals which fall under one or more of the following 7 categories:

  1. Autism
  2. Criminal Justice
  3. Children and Families
  4. Adult General
  5. Elderly Services
  6. Foster Care
  7. Other

Within these 7 categories are several top issues which are garnering local and national attention.  Please see below for a list of top issues which have been identified by several agencies within the community as the most pressing issues afflicting the Tri-County area.

Top Issues

The theme for our meetings have been how we can work together to improve the quality of life in the Tri-County area. We have developed a mission statement and educated ourselves on Broward’s, Dade's and Palm Beach county's most important community needs and demands. In order to truly understand the depth and concerns of the issues we are dealing with, we have had presenters at our meetings that specialize and deal with different areas of these quality of life issues.

These presenters include:

New!! Priority Issues

Quality of Life Grants are awarded for proposals which fall under one or more of the following 7 categories: Autism; Criminal Justice; Children and Families; Adult General; Elderly Services; Foster Care; and other priorities that affect the Tri-County area. Within these 7 categories are several top priority issues indicated by our community partners and/or obtained via countywide reports, which are currently significantly impacting the Tri-County residents. See below for QOL's Tri-County priority issues:


Maternal Health & Infant Mortality

Affordable Housing

Veterans Reintegration

Elderly Services

School Class Size

Access to Health & Human Services


Child Abuse Prevention

Transition Skills/Programming

Delinquency Prevention & Diversion

Family Strengthening


Early Literacy

Mental Health

  • Proposals submitted to the Children and Families category are selected based on funding priorities identified by the Children’s Services Council of Broward County.
  • Proposals submitted to the Foster Care category are selected based on the funding priority identified by ChildNet.
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