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Although our concern with our youth is of high priority we also want to focus on Broward County Service System for Older Adults. The center on aging is a department of Human Services in North Miami, FL. As of 2000, Broward County’s population was 1,603,094 and out of this figure 42,199 were older adults. When planning for services for older adults, planners consider the population in several distinct age groups that reflect the changing functional status associated with aging. The oldest-old, age 85 make up 13% of the population of older adults and the most likely to require services and supports in place for aging. The old-old age range is 75-84, this population is likely to begin experiencing some functional decline in activities of daily living. The last age group, 60-74 typically are much more active and involved in their community than in earlier generations.

Those over age 65 are the most frequent users of health services. As a result of advances in biomedical science and technology, diseases that previously resulted in mortality have been converted to chronic conditions, often requiring the care of a broad array of health and social service professionals.

The Council and Alliance could help develop approaches that insure the accessibility and availability of preventive services and definitive health care for older Broward County residents.

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