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About Us

Nova Southeastern University in response to our community’s needs have partnered with several community agencies to form the Quality of Life Council. The council’s members include many significant figures from our local community such as: Children’s Services Council, Henderson Mental Health Center, Broward Health, Broward Sheriff’s Office, Bellsouth Business, South Florida Region Planning Council, along with many Directors, Associates and Faculty from NSU's Colleges and Schools.

The mission of the NSU Quality of Life (QOL) Council is a simple one: take the most serious problems affecting the quality of life in the community, bring the best minds of NSU’s faculty, students, and community providers to bear, and the results will be a better quality of life. Through the efforts of the university president and its Trustees, as well as community organizations, funds have been targeted to support faculty scholarship in applied research to improve the Quality of Life in our local communities. These funds are awarded in the following 7 categories: Autism, Children & Families, Criminal Justice, Adult General, Elderly Services, Foster Care and other.

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