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Parking and Traffic Policy

  1. In order to park a motor vehicle on campus in any university parking area, it must be registered with the university and a parking permit must be properly displayed.
  2. All administrators, faculty and staff members, students, visitors, and outside contractors/vendors must register vehicles to be driven or parked on campus.
  3. Administrators, faculty and staff members, students, and visitors must be responsible for any violations of these regulations in which their vehicles are involved.
  4. Nova Southeastern University assumes no liability for damages to any vehicle parked or driven on campus.
  5. Motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds are subject to traffic law regulations.
  6. The Public Safety Department is authorized to designate any spaces as temporarily reserved parking.
  7. Abandoned vehicles are subject to towing at the owner’s expense, unless the owner notifies the Public Safety Department in writing at the time the vehicle becomes disabled. The Director of Public Safety will determine whether a disabled vehicle is allowed to remain on campus.
  8. Vehicle repairs that create a nuisance are not permitted on campus. Any property damage caused by the making of any repairs is the responsibility of the person making such repairs.
  9. Trailers or mobile campers are allowed to be parked on campus only with written permission from the Director of Public Safety. Trailers and mobile campers are not allowed to be left on campus overnight.
  10. The maximum speed on any NSU driveway or roadway – excluding those owned and managed by the Town of Davie, Broward County, or the State of Florida – is 15 miles per hour, unless signage indicates otherwise.
  11. All vehicle operators must obey Public Safety and police direction and instructions regarding operating and parking motor vehicles.
  12. Personal vehicles are not allowed to be left on campus overnight unless it is the outcome of approved NSU business travel or approved NSU International Student travel. In these instances, parking arrangements must be approved by the Office of Public Safety.
  13. The parking of personal vehicles on NSU property during tropical cyclones is NOT permitted by nonresident NSU students, staff members, or faculty members.
  14. All forms of motorized conveyance, such as but not limited to, motorcycles, motor scooter, and mopeds are prohibited from parking or operating on NSU walkways, sidewalks, or footpaths.
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