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NSU Parking Permit Policy

All Nova Southeastern University students, faculty, staff, and outside contractors or vendors who park a vehicle on University property must obtain a University parking permit. See parking permit fees.

The One-Stop Shop, located in the Horvitz Administration Building and the Admissions Office of the HPD Terry Administration Building, issues parking permits for all NSU faculty and staff members and students. A current NSU vehicle permit must be displayed on the vehicle or a parking citation will be issued. NSU requires the parking permit to be affixed to the exterior of the left-hand corner of the rear window or the left side of the rear bumper, not inside the vehicle.

The parking permit application can be downloaded and completed now or it can be picked up at the One-Stop Shop. 

All permits issued will require the applicant to present a valid driver’s license, current NSU identification card, and a state-issued vehicle registration card for each vehicle registered.

  • All parking permits expire on the date indicated on the permit. A current NSU parking permit must be prominently displayed (as outlined in this policy) on any vehicle parked on NSU property. Vehicles in violation of this policy will be ticketed. This policy does not apply to visitors using the “Pay to Park” because their vehicle would be registered with the Pay mobile application or multi-space meter(s). 
  • Every motor vehicle on the property of Nova Southeastern University shall display the proper NSU parking permit at all times.
  • NSU parking permit holders should report any transfer or sale of a registered vehicle promptly to the One-Stop Shop. If the vehicle is purchased or used to replace another, the new vehicle must be registered.
  • Parking permits shall be affixed to the left side of the rear bumper, or affixed to the exterior left lower corner of the rear window. On motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds, the parking decal shall be displayed in plain view and readable. Parking permits are non-transferable. A permit may not be assigned, sold, given, or used by any individual other than the one to whom the permit was assigned. Anyone participating in the prohibited exchange of a parking permit will be referred to the appropriate dean, department head and/or the Office of Human Resources, when applicable.
  • The NSU parking permit must be visible at all times while the vehicle is parked on campus. Any vehicle with an NSU parking permit not affixed in accordance with this policy will be cited and fined for improper display and is subject to being towed from campus at the owner’s expense.
    • Exception: Temporary parking permits (hangtags) are to be hung from the rearview mirror.
  • If, for any reason, the parking permit is lost, damaged or stolen you must notify the university One-Stop After two or more permits replacements within the same school year there is a cost of $25 per permit.
  • Government vehicles displaying county, state, or federal license plates are exempt from the permit requirement.
  • A representative from the One-Stop Shop will attend orientation sessions to help accommodate students/programs on the main NSU campus. All applications from these sessions will be entered into the Software parking records system, and the permits will be sent back to orientation leaders for distribution.  Students will have to show their driver’s licenses or NSU identification cards to receive their vehicle permits.

Temporary Parking Permits/Passes

  • Temporary parking permits will be issued for a specified time, not to exceed seven days, and will be issued at the Horvitz Administration Building, the Terry Building, the Campus Support Building and the Tampa Bay campus. The temporary permit may be extended over the seven days under certain conditions, such as the need for repairs, for a period not to exceed 30 days.
    • Exception: The temporary permit may be extended, under certain conditions, such as the need for repairs, for a period not to exceed 30 days
  • Temporary parking permits will be issued at the Horvitz Administration, Terry Building, Campus Support and Tampa Bay Office to students and faculty and staff members with provisional vehicle situations (rentals).
  • Vehicles displaying a temporary parking permit must abide to all NSU Parking Policies and regulations.
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