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NSU Commuter Service Program

Nova Southeastern University has implemented a program to benefit students who choose to carpool to school.   Preferred carpool parking spaces have been installed around campus and are available for registered participants of the program.

Registered carpools with a valid carpool permit and Nova Southeastern University parking permit can use the parking spaces. Carpools must consist of two registered students who carpool to and from campus an average of two days per week. Carpools may use any available carpool parking space in the lot on a first-come, first-served basis.

The spaces can be used when you have carpooled to school. If your carpool partner was not present on your ride to school or you are not registered for the program, you may not use the spaces.

A minimum of two registered carpool participants must be seen exiting a vehicle using a carpool parking spot.  If you are found parking in a designated carpool parking spot as a single commuter or with someone other than your registered carpool partner(s), you will be in violation of the program.

South Florida Commuter Services (SFCS) carpool criteria is used to determine carpool eligibility.

Based on the information provided in your registration form, SFCS carpool software will validate that your carpool makes a logical commute to campus.

How to Obtain a Carpool Permit

You must register your carpool with SFCS. First, find a carpool partner. Then, register your carpool at

Permits will be valid for one semester.   At the end of the semester you will receive a renewal notification from SFCS asking if you are interested in renewing or revising your registration.  If you renew your carpool, a new permit will be provided to your carpool.

It is important to keep your carpool registration current. If your carpool arrangements change during the semester, resubmit a carpool registration form to SFCS and your information will be automatically updated.

Nova Southeastern University Public Safety Department monitors the carpool parking spaces at all times.  If you are an unregistered vehicle found violating the program, you will be issued a citation and your vehicle may be towed.  If you are a registered vehicle found violating the program, your permit will be taken on the spot and you will not be eligible to participate in the program for at least one semester. Violation includes using the spaces without a valid Carpool parking permit and Nova Southeastern University parking permit.

If you have questions regarding the carpool parking program, please contact South Florida Commuter Services at 800-234-RIDE (7433).

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