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A Complete Lockdown Strategy Begins with Simple Solutions

Intruder Lock Function

The Intruder Lock Function will secure classroom and instructional room doors simply, safely, and reliably.  In an emergency, locking classroom and instructional room doors quickly from the inside is a critical step in protecting our students, faculty, and staff.

This simple, yet significant mechanical lock will make a big difference when every minute counts; it is an integral part of a comprehensive security strategy; and a solution to the ongoing demand to make NSU classroom and instructional room doors at all campuses more secure.

How Intruder Lock Works

The Intruder Lock is keyed on both sides and when turning your Intruder Key from the inside, it secures the outside handle. The inside will always remain unlocked, allowing all occupants to be able to exit the room at any time.

Every Intruder Lock is clearly marked on the inside to help you secure the door in case of an emergency. If you notice the labels coming off or damaged, please report it to your supervisor.

How Intruder Key Works

The Intruder Key is larger than a normal key and it is only utilized to secure an Intruder Lock from the inside of the room. The Intruder Key will not operate any door from outside of the room.

The Intruder Key is required to always be on your person, no matter where you are on campus. The Intruder Key operates all intruder locks from the inside of the room, on every NSU campus for your convenience.

Operation of Lock and Key

  • To operate the Intruder Lock, insert your Intruder Key and follow the arrows, a full 360°, then  remove your key.
  • The outside handle will now be locked and the room is secured.
  • Remember to always keep your Intruder Key on you, as an emergency could occur at any time.

Acknowledgement Form

Download the acknowledgement form to affirm that you understand how the Intruder Lock and Key functions. Please print the form with your name, date, and N# clearly, then sign and return to your supervisor once completed.

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