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If you are interested in licensing one of our technologies, the first step would be for you to go through the list of available technologies on our website. To find out more information about available technologies you should reach out to the OTT staff so that we can initiate discussion for the process of commercialization. We will work with you to determine a revenue sharing and collaboration structure that will take into account the structure of your business, financial status and future goals and will be beneficial to both the University and industry collaborator.

Exclusive Licensing of technologies is only one of the avenues of commercializing an invention from NSU. You can also initiate an Options Agreement or collaborate with inventors through a Sponsored Research Agreement. We offer a fair amount of flexibility in our deal structure. The OTT staff will work with prospective parties interested in our technologies to identify the type of agreement that will work best for both of us.

NSU's Office of Technology Transfer works with industry partners from various sectors and a range of sizes. One of the key criteria for choosing an industry partner is that it would maximize the chances of successful commercialization of our technology. Therefore, among various criteria, we would prefer the prospective licensee to demonstrate a prior favorable track record in the specific sector, have adequate financial resources and present a business plan appropriate for commercialization of the invention.

If you are interested in a specific invention or wish to initiate a dialogue with NSU regarding future collaborations, contacting the Office of Technology Transfer will be the appropriate initial step. We will be happy to offer you all the relevant information, assist you in collaborating with the inventor(s) and facilitate the process of partnering. Please call us at 954-262-7509 or email us at

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