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Available Technologies

NSU has a variety of technologies that are ready for commercialization. We are seeking external collaborators who can work with us to help these technologies fulfill their commercial potential and make a positive social impact.

We invite you to browse through this list of available technologies and reach out to us if any of them suit your commercial interests.

Technology Inventor/Researcher Category
Anti-VEGF Small Molecule for Treatment of Glioblastoma Dr. A. Rathinavelu Therapeutics
Genetically Modified Natural Killer (NK) Cells for Immunotherapy Dr. A. Duru Therapeutics
Regulation of Nuclear Excision Repair (NER) by MicroRNA for Treatment of Breast Cancer Dr. J. Latimer Therapeutics
Systems and Methods for Electronic Co-ordination of Healthcare Dr. J. Jacko, Dr. J. Vieweg, Dr. F. Haffizulla and Dr. F. Sainfort Software and IT Tools
Digital Mentoring and Career Guidance System to Facilitate Entry of Minorities into Healthcare Professions Dr. F. Haffizulla Software and IT Tools
Computational Pipeline and Methods for Predicting Clinical Intervention Strategies for Complex Diseases Dr. T. Craddock Software and IT Tools
Anti-VEGF small molecule for treating solid tumors Dr. A. Rathinavelu Therapeutics
Inhibitor of VEGF for treatment of cancer Dr. A. Rathinavelu Therapeutics
SiRNA for treatment of metastatic melanoma Dr. D. Minond Therapeutics
Immunotherapy with oncolytic virus and enhancing its host cell targeting by use of statins Dr. A. Castejon, Dr. Cubbedu and Dr. P. Waziry Therapeutics
Methods for treating heart failure and other cardiac diseases Dr. A. Lymperopoulos Therapeutics
Method for detection of mutation in glycophorin A and prediction of exposure to mutagens Dr. S. Grant and Dr. J. Latimer Medical Devices and Diagnostics
Diagnostic methods for chronic fatigue syndrome and other neuroimmune disorders Dr. N. Klimas and Dr. M. Fletcher Medical Devices and Diagnostics
Method for delivering personalized healthcare information based on patients’ levels of health literacy Dr. R. Ownby and Dr. A. Acevedo Software and IT Tools
Method for compiling data for creating genomic database Kristina Gemayel, Kelly Hilton and Dr. N. Klimas Software and IT Tools
Automated Landing Gear Systems for Trailers Dr. A. Panahi
Novel Vaccine for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Dr. M. Cayabyab Therapeutics
System for Reducing Adverse Health Events in Assisted Living Facilities Dr. J. Vieweg, Dr. J. Jacko, Dr. F. Sainfort Software and IT Tools
Method for Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis Dr. D. Minond Therapeutics
Novel Antiepileptic Compounds Dr. K. Dawson-Scully
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