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Criteria for Licensing NSU Technologies

NSU's technology transfer staff will work diligently with prospective licensees and collaborators to design a deal structure that is based on other university-industry partnership metrics, appropriate for both parties and maximizes the probability of successful commercialization of our technologies.

We work with organizations belonging to a range of sizes and are willing to structure the agreement accordingly. To ensure that we select the ideal collaboration we expect companies who wish to acquire our technologies to fulfill certain benchmarks.

Prospective licensees/collaborators should strive to fulfill the following criteria:

  • The management team should have prior experience in the relevant field(s)
  • Before finalizing the agreement, NSU should be presented with a business plan that outlines a strategy for development of the invention
  • Present us with some evidence of the organization's ability to secure adequate financial support and recruit qualified workforce necessary for development, manufacturing and commercialization of the technology
  • Demonstrate ability to meet short-term and long-term development milestones
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