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About ICHP

Welcome and Mission Statement

The Institute for Child Health Policy (ICHP) at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) serves to advance knowledge, understanding and experience with multidisciplinary evidence-based public policy. Our contribution and effort is aimed to expand the breadth and rigor of research into the root-causes of morbidity by supporting the work of state, national, and international child and family advocacy organizations.

The ICHP at NSU is a resource for communities, policy makers, public and private agencies, professional organizations, foundations, and academic institutions by providing data, consultation, and other expertise required to support their efforts. To be an optimal reserve, the ICHP engages in translational community-based participatory quantitative and qualitative research, developing evidence-based public policy, participating in professional training and education, and serving as a venue to nurture community-based advocacy and research.

The ICHP engages in intergenerational community networks of children and families to expand the impact of quality health care initiatives and to cultivate an environment nurturing communications across all age groups. In turn, the ICHP bridges generational gaps to build successful, well established outcome-based programs.

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