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Research Assistant Opportunities

One of the best ways to learn how to do research is to assist someone who is already an experienced researcher. Under the researcher’s guidance, a student can learn the steps of conducting research, accepted research practices, and how to think about research problems.

The researchers listed below have agreed to help you acquire research skills by helping them with their own research. Depending on the abilities you already possess, you may find yourself doing tasks as mundane as cleaning test tubes, or as exciting as seeing a breakthrough happen before your eyes. Regardless of what skills you begin with, you will leave your time as a research assistant with a better understanding of how research works and what place you might like to hold as a researcher.

Please look through the list below to see which researcher you might like to work with, and then complete the APPLICATION You will be contacted in a few days to arrange an interview and begin scheduling time to serve as a research assistant.

Thank you!

Primary Researcher project name/description notes for students
John Quincy Smith, PHD

Effects of Research Assistant Work on Gifted Students Who Work Hard on a Research Team 

Miscellaneous notes for students regarding requirements, needed skills, etc.
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