Health Care With an Edge.

It’s no secret that NSU is globally recognized for its high-quality medical practitioners. Doctors, dentists, optometrists, psychologists, and pharmacists from all over the world are successful NSU alumni.

NSU prepares students to make it to the top of their practice. 

What Sets NSU’s Health Care Education Apart

  • Focus on dynamic, interprofessional learning
  • Emphasis on the importance of collaboration across the health care specialties
  • NSU students work with the same state-of-the-art technologies that they would in the real world.
  • Students have a number of opportunities to work with real patients in the community.
  • Impressive outcomes on licensing pass rates and meaningful employment

Fast Facts

18,300+ Healthcare Professionals Graduated Since 2012

1 of 3 Universities

in the U.S. With Both
MD and DO Colleges

Largest Educator of Physicians in

Florida, and Poised to be Largest in the Country by 2023