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HIPAA Privacy and Research Overview

NSU is a hybrid entity with covered Health Care Components which must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) Privacy Regulations. The current designated covered Health Care Components for NSU may be viewed on this website. 

The HIPAA Privacy Regulations impact research projects involving Protected Health Information (“PHI”), if the information is obtained from one of NSU’s covered Health Care Components, or from another covered entity outside of NSU. 

HIPAA applies to research when:

  1. The researcher is part of a NSU covered Health Care Component and will use the PHI  for research purposes; or
  2. The researcher is conducting research at NSU and will use PHI from one of NSU’s covered Health Care Components; or
  3. The researcher is conducting research at NSU and will use PHI from another covered entity or a covered entity's business associate. This includes identifying or recruiting research subjects who are patients of a covered entity.

Under the HIPAA Privacy Regulations, when a researcher at NSU wants to utilize PHI in order to conduct research, the researcher must (1) obtain the HIPAA Authorization of the subject whose PHI he or she wants to utilize or (2) satisfy a specific exception to the HIPAA Authorization requirement. This website provides information and guidance on the NSU’s policies and procedures related to HIPAA and Research.

If you have any questions about the NSU HIPAA Research Privacy Policies, please feel free to contact the Office of Privacy at (954) 262-4241, your designated HIPAA Liaison, or the Ethics and Compliance Reporting Hotline at 888-609-NOVA (888-609-6682).  

HIPAA Privacy Research Policies and Forms

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