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NSU Health Care Components

Covered Functions

The following Nova Southeastern University departments and programs are included in the University's Health Care Component.

  • NSU Audiology Clinic
  • NSU Dental Clinic(s)
  • NSU E.M. Papper Laboratory of Clinical Immunology
  • NSU Eye Care Institute(s)
  • NSU Medicine Health Clinics
  • NSU Institute for Neuro Immune Medicine
  • NSU Neuroscience Institute
  • NSU Clinic Pharmacy
  • NSU Psychology Services Center
  • NSU Rehabilitation Facility
  • NSU Speech-Language and Communication Clinic
  • NSU Sports Neuropsychology and Performance Enhancement Clinic
  • NSU Student Medical Center
  • NSU Unicorn Children’s Foundation Clinic

Internal Business Associates-Like Function Units

The following departments or components are included in the University's Health Care Component only to the extent that they perform a covered function or provide certain services for or on behalf of the Health Care Component or a department or component of the Health Care Component that involves the creation, receipt, maintenance, or transmission of protected health information. 

  • NSU Administration
  • NSU Finance / Accounts Payable Department
  • NSU Patient Financial Services
  • NSU Clinical Informatics Department
  • NSU Division of Clinical Operations - NSU Health
  • NSU Call Center
  • NSU Internal Auditing Department
  • NSU Office of Innovation and Information Technology
  • NSU Health Care Billing Compliance Department
  • NSU HIPAA Privacy Department
  • NSU Office of Legal Affairs
  • NSU Risk Management
  • NSU Institutional Review Board
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