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Limited Submissions


Find below information on NSU's "Limited Submission" policy as well as a listing of these funding opportunities with current interest from parties at NSU.


"Limited submissions" are funding opportunities for which the funder limits the number of applications that can be submitted by NSU.

If you find a funding opportunity that limits application numbers, and you have interest in pursuing it, you must contact as soon as possible. If needed, an internal review following the below steps will be used to determine which application(s) move forward from NSU for that funding opportunity.


  • Step 1: You identify a funding opportunity that limits the number of applications that NSU may submit (known as a "limited submission").
  • Step 2: You express your interest in applying to the "limited submission" funding opportunity by emailing as soon as possible.
  • Step 3: The Grant Lab maintains a listing of interest by NSU parties for limited submission funding opportunities, and informs all interested parties if NSU is over its number of allowed applications.
  • Step 4: If NSU is over its number of allowed applications, an internal review of the project ideas is conducted. This internal review requires the interested parties to submit an abbreviated application, called a "Pre-Proposal" (e.g., 1-page summary of the project) for review. The contents of this pre-proposal will be determined and communicated to interested parties at the time of review.
  • Step 5: A group of NSU faculty/staff members is convened, serving as the "Selection Committee," to provide feedback and advise on which pre-proposal(s) should move forward from NSU.
  • Step 6: All interested parties are notified of the final decision about which pre-proposal(s) can move forward from NSU for the limited submission funding opportunity.
  • Step 7: Approved parties submit their full applications to the funding opportunity. *Failure to follow through with submitting an application to a limited submission funding opportunity, once approved to move forward, can affect an individual's ability to submit to such opportunities in the future.


Please direct questions about this process and limited submission funding opportunities to


The below table presents a listing of current and archived funding opportunities that limit the number of applications that may be submitted by NSU. If you have interest in one of the below current opportunities, contact as soon as possible (or by the date listed in the "Internal Deadline" column in the below table). If needed, the "Limited Submission" process described in NSU's policy in the above dropdown will be used to determine which applications move forward from NSU.


View the below table in Google Sheets by clicking here.

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