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name title phone email
Daniel Alfonso Vice President of Facilities Management
Randy Seneff Executive Director of Facilities Management (954) 262-8805 Email
Ayanna Stephens Director of Design & Construction (954) 262-8704 Email
Rebekah Fried Associate Director of Design & Construction (954) 262-8795 email icon
Rowena Geerman Administrative Coordinator for Design & Construction (954) 262-8831 email
Nancy Perez Construction Accounting Supervisor (954) 262-8832 email
Construction Invoicing email
Felix Leon Senior Project Manager (954) 262-8821 Email
Kristy Martinez Project Manager (954) 262-5418 email image
Carlos Guiovani "Guio" Caceros Project Manager (954) 262-8809 email icon
Mindy Irwin Project Manager (954) 262-8949 email icon



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