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Nova Southeastern University is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is a part of the South Florida Metropolitan area, one of the fastest growing regions of the country.  With over 1.7 million people, there are many faces to Fort Lauderdale, from the beautiful Blue Wave-certified beaches, to the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, to Nova Southeastern University’s renowned Museum of Art- Fort Lauderdale, and to attractions for all segments of the population. Nova Southeastern University has a proud history of service to our community. Below is an article by USA Today highlighting NSU’s commitment to the people that call South Florida home.

Recent studies have shown that college students who participate in community engagement within their university, local region or internationally are more likely to persist to graduation, are more satisfied with their overall college experience and contribute to a higher employment rate post-graduation.  At Nova southeastern University, we believe community engagement should extend beyond a one-time service project.  Instead, we encourage our students to become actively involved in the local community with a passion or interest of their choice; emerging themselves in diverse community experiences, learning about social issues and positively impacting their community neighbors, in order to foster growth and knowledge as citizens of a global world. 

Service learning at Nova Southeastern University is a systematic, pedagogical approach to enhance a student's learning experience by providing the opportunity to apply theory and research to practice within a community setting. Service learning utilizes guided reflection to evaluate and understand the connection between academic content and real-world application, bringing the learning experience full-circle. This experience strengthens the student's learning and skills and provides a positive impact on the community locally, nationally and/or internationally.

Service learning at NSU:

  • Promotes Academic Excellence by putting theory and research to practice and providing a positive impact on the community
  • Is Student-Centered by focusing on student-selected opportunities for learning within the community
  • Highlights Integrity by developing students of character who serve to improve the lives of community members through active engagement outside of the classroom
  • Creates an Innovative way for students to learn by providing hands-on educational experiences that supplement in-class instruction
  • Opens Opportunities for students to grow and develop academically, personally, and professionally while encouraging lifelong learning
  • Develops active opportunities for Scholarship and Research by providing real-world opportunities in which to apply learned concepts
  • Fosters Diversity by preparing students for life and pathways to success in a global society
  • Encourages students to continually redefine their definition of Community as they seek to understand the world around them

The Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement can provide you with resources to participate in a variety of community engagement opportunities.  Your experiences can range from day projects to student lead events and even international service trips.  Please contact the Student Leadership and Civic Engagement Office, located in the Rosenthal building or via telephone at (954) 262-7195, to learn more on how you can make an impact on your life and your community!

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At Nova Southeastern University, our commitment to community engagement extends far beyond our campus. We take value the relationships that have been built with members of our community. Community affiliates play a critical role in providing programs and services to the people who live in south Florida. At NSU, we strive to build long-lasting connections with our community affiliates so that our campus community can become an active participant in impacting the lives of our community members.

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