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Professional Development

Dive In and Get Involved

Get Involved  Dive Into Case Competitions 

Case competitions offer NSU students the opportunity to solve company-specific problems (real or fictitious) to senior level executives and faculty. Students review the scenario and develop a viable solution. Sharks will not only gain hands-on experience in their field but also will be competing for prizes and/or scholarships.

Past Prizes...

  • Offers for Internship or Full-Time positions
  • Three-day cruise
  • $1,000 scholarship
  • Gift cards

Upcoming Case CompetitionS: 


Immigration Policy & Election Campaign Case Competition

You are a candidate seeking a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives from a constituency in South Florida. You and your campaign team are charged with developing a bipartisan immigration policy to unite your constituents on this issue. This will be your signature issue and you hope that once in Washington you can lead a push for a major immigration reform bill that will attract support across the aisles.  

Once you and your team (of up to 3 individuals) have established your policy, you are then tasked with presenting your campaign position to the audience in your constituency.  You will also hope through national media exposure to present it to a wider audience. Identify common myths or perceptions of voters in South Florida regarding immigration.  Place immigration as a South Florida issue into the large national debate. 

The goal is to gain the support of voters in your constituency while also appealing more broadly to the American people by creating an effective marketing plan and identifying key stakeholders that will be impacted by your policy.  

Develop a 5–10-minute video and an accompanying two-page immigration manifesto (proposal/essay) pitching your policy and campaign marketing idea to our judges.

Case Competition Info Flyer

Want to learn more? Attend our virtual information session on Wednesday, September 9th from noon – 1 p.m. Register for this event on Handshake.

Questions? Email


Health Communication Toolkit Case Competition

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has issued multiple teams to create a Health Communication Tool kit educating the South Florida Community on common food borne illnesses and antibiotic resistance associated with it. The goal of this Toolkit is to provide the public helpful suggestions and resources to guide best practices within the South Florida community before, during and after an outbreak. As a part of your communication toolkit you’re expected to also assess and address the challenges in food safety as it relates to the antibiotic resistance of the foodborne illness. 

You’re one of the USDA’s teams (1- 4 members per team) selected for this initiative and have been tasked with selecting a food borne illness which will be the focus of your health communication tool kit. The goal of this health communication toolkit is to educate, prepare, and assess implications associated with this food borne illness and antibiotic resistance within the South Florida community. Your team will submit your Health Communication Toolkit and Video Proposal to be reviewed by the USDA Team (faculty judges). 

Case Competition Info Flyer

Want to learn more? Attend our virtual information session on Thursday, September 10th from 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. Register for this event on Handshake.

Questions? Email

Get Involved  NSU Recruit A Shark Day 

Recruit A Shark Day provides NSU students an opportunity to connect with employers, non-profits, research laboratories, and volunteer organizations from a multitude of industries. No matter your year, major, or career direction this event has something for all Sharks.

Get Involved  Information Session 

Interested in learning about different companies and their career opportunities? Information sessions provide students an in depth look into a company, their culture and what is needed to be a competitive applicant. 

To see what companies are presenting this semester log onto Handshake to learn more...

Click Here to Register on Handshake 

Get Involved  Workshops

NSU Career Development offers customized, on-demand workshops designed to help students gain the NSU Edge in their future career on a variety of career- and professional development-related topics such as: 

  • The Art of Career and Major Exploration
  • Developing an Effective Resume and CV
  • Developing an Effective Cover Letter
  • Developing Networking Strategies and Professionalism
  • Developing Pre Health Purpose
  • Enhancing Your Research Skills
  • Marketing Your E Portfolio
  • And more!

To request a workshop on a career- or professional-development related topic for a class, student group, or any NSU-affiliated group or event, just click the button below.


 Request A Workshop


Professional Development Fund


The Professional Development Fund was established to provide Nova Southeastern University students the opportunity to further enhance their professional development. The funds provide financial assistance to students currently enrolled in a full-time undergraduate/graduate program that will be participating in either an internship or a professional conference with a career fair or a hiring component.

The maximum amount that can be awarded is: $1,500 for internships and $500 for professional conferences.



In order to be considered for an award through the Professional Development Fund students must meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.3 and be in good academic and judicial standing
  • Must be offered an internship granting over 120 hours of employment or be attending a professional conference that has a career fair or a hiring component
  • Have completed at least 2 semesters of classes at Nova Southeastern University
  • Have not previously received an award from the Professional Development Fund



Eligible applicants should email the following to



After concluding the professional experience award recipients are required to attend a recognition event, in which they may speak about the experience to faculty, administrators, and colleagues.



Award recipients will be notified by the Career Development committee.



* Internships at companies run by immediate family are not eligible for funding.

* Fee based placement programs are not eligible for funding.

214px-resources.jpg Career Development Resources

Check out all of the career and professional development resources available on Handshake by clicking the button below!

Resources on the subjects below can be found on Handshake.

  • Career exploration
  • Job/Internship search strategies
  • Resume, CV, and cover letter
  • Mock interviews
  • Graduate school planning and personal statement development
  • Nationwide and local job search strategies
  • Networking tips
  • Resources related to specific student populations, such as first-year students and veterans
  • ... and much, much more!



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