Be a Shark

NSU’s brand campaign, “Be a Shark.”, is a way to bring our brand promise to life, and a way to introduce people to NSU. It is a way to show them why they should become part of our NSU community.

On the most obvious level, this campaign fits with our shark persona, and the very human drive to be the best in competitive situations.

Being the best isn't always about one person winning and the other person losing. It’s about mastering a skill, elevating the discourse, or raising the bar. It’s about being the best possible you, then using that to inspire others – on the job, in the community, in the relationships you build.

For the full presentation on NSU's brand campaign, view the Presidential Brand Town Hall.

Out of Home Example

Outdoor advertising supporting the Be a Shark campaign.

Print Example

Simple, focused brand awareness print spread as part of the Be a Shark campaign.

Contact Us

For more information on the usage of NSU brand elements, please email the Division of Public Relations, Marketing, and Creative Services at or contact the Office of Printing and Publications.