NSU has introduced a new university wordmark, displayed below, along with information on how it will be used moving forward. NSU has discontinued using its "sunrise"/"sunset" logo. NSU Athletics will continue using its shark logo, unchanged, as further explained further down in this section.

Best Practices

As seen below, there are various iterations of the NSU logo that can be utilized for different forms of communication. The primary logo should be used in most instances, including marketing material for external audiences. The organization-specific version can be used on materials targeting internal audiences when needed.

Please note that the NSU logo displaying NSU Florida on the left, as seen on the nova.edu header and affiliated websites, should be limited and only used in those similar web-specific cases.

If you’re unsure about an element or its use, ask questions first. Contact a specialist who can help you get it right.

Primary Logo

These are the primary and preferred logo versions for most uses. When in doubt, use these horizontal and vertical versions.

Secondary Logo

These identity marks should be used in instances where Nova Southeastern University is not immediately known and where the context for the university has not been established.

Organization-Specific Versions

The university wordmark is the basis for “lockups” that position college names and certain recognized NSU organizational entities with the university mark, as shown in these examples.

Download Horizontal Lockups

Download Stacked Lockups

The university mark and the approved lockups are available in the following formats:

  • One color (blue)
  • One color (black)
  • One color (white)

These marks and lockups are available for download in a variety of web and print-ready digital file formats.

Do's and Don'ts

It’s every user’s responsibility to maintain the integrity of the university wordmark and approved lockups. Here are a some simple guidelines to help you.

Do Don't
use marks and lockups only as designed compromise the overall look of the mark or lockup
maintain a readable size rotate, skew or distort the mark
maintain the colors as designed embellish marks with drop shadows, outlines, or backgrounds
leave space on all sides of the mark create your own non-approved lockup

Athletics Logo

NSU’s Athletics Department will continue using its shark logo as seen in the adjacent example. For the Sunshine State Conference style guide, please visit nsusharks.com.

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