NSU’s mascot is a shortfin mako shark. The mako is fast, powerful, fearless—in a word—dominant. The mako speaks to who we are at heart.

Since the mako embodies the spirit of NSU, use the mako visual when making broad statements about the spirit or brand of NSU. For instance, using the mako with a headline like, Welcome to the Top of the Food Chain, is an ideal pairing to make an emotionally impactful statement about what we stand for.

You can use the mako to make an impact. Sometimes, showing a full mako is too much. You can also use a mako shadow or outline for a more subtle touch. These variants can be colored or shaded, but the actual mako rendering should not be colored, textured, or altered in any way. Don’t adorn the shark with apparel (shirts, hats, sunglasses, etc) or with abstract patterns. (Don’t make a paisley shark.)

The mako shark should only be displayed in one of two ways: as a cutout image with no background or in the ocean environment. Don’t put the shark on land, in a classroom, or anyplace else that’s not ocean. Do not use any other type of shark.

The mako shark images you see here were rendered from a 3D model, and are available for use. If you need this shark in a specific position, please contact the Division of Public Relations and Marketing Communications.

PLEASE NOTE: Using the mako in design can be challenging. The files are large and can only be manipulated with certain software. Using the mako is typically best left to professional designers in the Division of Public Relations and Marketing Communications, the Office of Publications and Creative Services, or an ad agency.

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