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About Internal Auditing

Mission Statement

To be a partner to all departments within the University, to achieve cost effective controls and operational efficiency.

Self Audit Guidelines:

  • Delegation of Authority, Signing 'FOR', Corrections, and Related' Controls - To help ensure NSU's authorization and signing procedures are consistent, in writing, and complied with. Revision Date: 3-2-2004.
  • Petty Cash and Cash Controls - To safeguard cash assets and ensure that policies and procedures are being followed. Revision Date: 5-9-2008.
  • Credit Card Processing Controls - To ensure that credit cards sales/credits processed by NSU personnel comply with procedures that address: proper use and security of processing terminals, process of sales and refunds, daily/weekly/monthly processes and reports, and adequate security of cardholder information. Revision Date: 4-12-2010.
  • Travel Expense Reports - To help ensure that management is knowledgeable of the control points within NSU's Travel policies and procedures. Revision Date: 4-12-2010.
  • Expenditure Administration - To safeguard NSU financial resources, by ensuring that all expenditures are effectively administered. Revision Date: 4-12-2010
  • Payroll Processing Controls - To assist management in establishing processes for review of payroll related forms, checks, and reports. Revision Date: 11-6-15.
  • Budget Review Process - To assist management in establishing processes for the ongoing review of their departmental budgets. Revision Date: 5-9-2008.
  • Computer Related Controls - To safeguard computer assets and ensure that policies and procedures are being followed. Revision Date: 5-9-2008.
  • Telephone and E-Mail Controls - To help ensure the accuracy of the On-Line Phone/E-Mail Directory; emphasize review of telephone costs/charges; and re-enforce policies that require the use of the @NSU.NOVA.EDU e-mail address for communication. Revision Date: 5-9-2008.
  • Business Process Improvement - To provide some common Business Process Improvement (BPI) tools that can be used as a starting point to improve processes. Revision Date: 10-14-2004.

Self Assessment Guide:

  • Self-Assessment Guide - This questionnaire presents an opportunity for you to conduct a “self assessment” of your internal controls, financial reporting, and compliance activities. Revision Date: 2-19-2018. (Word Document / Excel Spreadsheet)

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