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University Institutes


NSU’s institutes have distinct missions to provide academic programs, educational services and training, or conduct scientific research. In this area you can learn more about NSU’s cutting-edge research in marine wildlife conservation, coral reef restoration, and cancer therapies. You’ll also see how NSU is a leader in business training and education. You will also discover that you’re never too old to learn something new at NSU’s Lifelong Learning Institute.

Guy Harvey...The Guy Harvey Research Institute (GHRI) is a collaboration between the renowned marine artist, scientist and explorer, Dr. Guy Harvey, and Nova Southeastern University's Oceanographic Center. The mission of the GHRI is to provide the scientific information necessary to understand, conserve, and effectively manage the world's marine fishes and their ecosystems.

Hudson Center of Entrepreneurship and Executive EducationThe Hudson Center of Entrepreneurship and Executive Education provides practical business education, hands-on learning and expert consulting services to organizations and individuals. The Center offers non-degree courses that give companies, managers and employees that critical cutting edge needed to excel in the intensely competitive environment.

Disaster and Emergency PreparednessThe Institute for Disaster and Emergency Preparedness is a regional and national resource center focused on interdisciplinary training, information dissemination, and technical assistance related to all-hazards preparedness in a global society.

Institute for Neuro Immune Medicine

The Institute for Neuro Immune Medicine is a premier research and treatment center for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other related Neuro Immune Disorders. The Institute is directed by Dr. Nancy Klimas, Chair of Clinical Immunology at Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Klimas is an internationally recognized figure in the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other Neuro Immune Disorders.

adults learningThe Lifelong Learning Institute serves the lifelong learning interests and needs of the mature adult and retirement community in Broward County. Through a unique, warm environment, the LLI offers not only challenging educational lectures, but also social opportunities through field trips and participation in NSU special events and lectures.

The National Coral Reef Institute’s (NCRI) primProfessor doing researchary objective is the assessment, monitoring, and restoration of coral reefs through basic and applied research and through training and education. NCRI operates at the Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Through active research and collaborative funding, NCRI undertakes and facilitates hypothesis-based scientific research in emerging reef issues and technologies.


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