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Welcome to Nova Southeastern University's Peer Leader Program! Our Peer Leaders play a vital role in providing students with a unique and enriched classroom experience, setting them up for success throughout their academic journey. Whether you're a first-year student transitioning to college life or a continuing student looking for leadership opportunities, the Peer Leader Program offers valuable support and development.

What is a Peer Leader?

A Peer Leader in the First-Year Experience (UNIV 1000) course serves as a helper, resource, and role model for fellow students. They build meaningful relationships, offer peer-to-peer advice, and guide their peers through the transition to college life. Key responsibilities include enhancing classroom engagement, providing referrals to campus resources, and maintaining active communication with professors.

Benefits of Becoming a Peer Leader

  • Leadership Development: Enhance your leadership skills and campus engagement.
  • Peer Support: Provide valuable support to first-year students as they navigate their college journey.
  • Professional Growth: Develop interpersonal communication, problem-solving, and time management skills.
  • Experiential Learning: Gain practical teaching experience and apply best practices in education. 

Peer Leader Role

As a Peer Leader, you're not just leading; you're transforming lives and shaping futures. Your mission is to help students feel supported, inspired, and empowered to reach their full potential. Here’s how:

  • Attend all class sessions and demonstrate outstanding classroom behavior.
  • Lead classroom activities and discussions to enhance engagement.
  • Assist students with projects, assignments, and academic inquiries.
  • Encourage student participation and involvement in class activities.
  • Organize co-curricular activities and inform students about campus events.
  • Offer constructive feedback to instructors and peers to facilitate improvement.

Peer Leader Program Learning Outcomes

As you journey through the NSU Peer Leader Program, you'll discover a wealth of skills and knowledge, such as:

  • Effective Collaboration: Showcase your ability to work collaboratively with both instructors and peers.
  • Facilitation Techniques: Learn and apply methods for leading engaging discussions and activities in the classroom.
  • Interpersonal Communication: Cultivate strong communication skills to connect confidently with peers and faculty members.
  • Problem-Solving: Sharpen your problem-solving and conflict-resolution abilities across various situations.
  • Understanding Experiential Education: Gain valuable insights into the principles and practices of experiential education.
  • Time Management: Master effective strategies for managing your time to meet the demands of being a Peer Leader.

Stipend and Experiential Education Units

Upon completion of all program requirements, Peer Leaders receive 2 ExEL units  and a $750 stipend (at the end of the fall semester). 

Become a Peer Leader Today!

Ready to make a difference? Applications for the Fall 2024 Peer Leader Program opened in January 2024. Apply through JobX (located in the SharkLink portal) to become a Peer Leader and embark on a rewarding journey of leadership, learning, and growth!

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