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Success Workshops/Events

Tools for Success

Tools for Success is a series of workshops designed to assist students in adapting to university life and ultimately achieving degree completion. The outcomes of the workshop series are as follows:

  • to support undergraduate student success by creating awareness of the University programs and resources;
  • to provide resources designed to encourage and sustain engagement;
  • to promote academic achievements;

 Fall 2017 Workshops

Tools for Success Fall 2017

Building a Community for Success: This workshop will encourage students to create connections to build community. Being connected into the NSU community has statistically significant indicators of increasing student retention and success.

Mastering Introduction to Psychology: This workshop will prepare students for success in Introduction to Psychology using principles of learning and memory.  Information presented will be based on study techniques supported by psychological theories and research.

Honing Your Writing Skills: In order to be successful academic writers, you should have a thorough understanding of the writing process. This workshop will provide strategies for working through each stage.

Winning at Math: This interactive workshop will empower and promote active learning and success for students enrolled in MATH 1000, 1030, and/or 1040. You will receive guidance, gain success strategies, and learn techniques that will result in becoming a “winner at math.”

Refining Your Note-Taking Skills: Stress Management: Become aware of different strategies to identify and manage typical stressors. You will learn how to apply a range of stress reduction techniques to your everyday life.

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