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Student Success Stories

"It was a pleasure meeting you. It means so much to know that others are concerned about students' welfare, academically and otherwise at NSU. As you suggested, I've met with a tutor three times last week and I have another appointment today. I am happy to report that I'm feeling more confident and looking forward to future classes. I will certainly spread the word about your services to other students." --B.F., Sophomore

"My experience with a student success coach was great, she was very helpful by answering all my questions and also very approachable. She also provided me with great advice about classes, and promptly gave me the booklet of NSU scholarships. I look forward to seeing her next semester and I will keep in touch with her if I have any questions regarding student success." --B.A., Freshman, Level One Super Shark

"I really liked my coach. She had a very caring and down-to-earth presence. I really saw her great concern and dedication for this program when she took the time to fill out my weekly scheduler. And she showed me how to balance my prior engagements and school work." --D.R., Freshman, Level One Super Shark

"My two meetings with my success coach were really good experiences. She answered almost every question I had and I am always at ease talking to her about school life. Another thing I really appreciated was her helping me with getting in touch with the women's soccer coach for NSU." --C.K., Freshman, Level One Super Shark

"My success coach was very nice and helpful. She answered all of the questions I had for her. She also gave me helpful tips for the future." --S.L., Freshman, Level One Super Shark

"My mentor is absolutely amazing!!! She has been extremely sympathetic and helpful. She has given me advice that I can carry with me throughout my college experience. I feel positive and optimistic about my future and my major." --E.O, Freshman, Level Two Super Shark

"My experience with Dr. Loomis has been great. He is very informative and helpful with any questions I may have. He also gives me advice based on his experience." --A.L, Freshman, Level Two Super Shark

"My faculty mentor is excellent! I received a lot of good advice on preparing for medical school and beyond." --K.E, Freshman, Level Two Super Shark

"My mentor has helped me realize what it is I want to do as a career." --K.S, Freshman, Level Two Super Shark

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