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Mission and Vision

NSU Student Success

NSU Student Success Infomercial


Office of Undergraduate Student Success provides an intentional holistic approach in the self-discovery of students’ academic and personal goals through academic success coaching, developmental workshops as well as faculty and resource connections. The office is supported by the Title V Cooperative grant awarded by the Department of Education. 


As a partner in the educational process, Student Success will serve as a guiding force in creating an environment that fosters retention and degree completion. 

Student Success Testimonials

"I really enjoyed my experience with my Success Coach. Victoria really helped me manage my time and realize the goals I have at NSU. She knew how much I wanted to join a club and get involved and she took her time to help me look for the perfect ones for me. Thanks to her, I am more than happy to join the Cozy Corners club. Without her, I wouldn't have known that the club existed. She also informed me about the Clinic Exploration Program, which I plan to join next semester or next year. I really appreciate her help with my first semester of Nova."
Freshman Student

"I absolutely had the best experience with my success coach, she helped me to stay focused and work hard and opened me to new ideas. Victoria always checked up on how I was doing."
Freshman Student

"Sheila is a really nice and helpful person, she showed me my opportunities at NSU and helped me through the semester a lot. I really enjoyed the session and would tell every student to go to her if you have some issues with classes or academic stuff. It was really nice to get know my opportunities for the following semester, like internships and other options to move into the right academic direction."
Freshman Student

"My success coach sessions were great with Sheila Fabius. I didn't really take the whole thing seriously at first but she helped me through a lot during my first semester here at NSU and I am grateful for it. She helped me set goals for myself which is something I never thought of doing and if it wasn’t for her I wouldn't haven't been able to make it through the semester."
Freshman Student

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