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Academic Success Coaching

Academic Success Coaches meet one-on-one with undergraduate students to build rapport, educate students about university-wide resources and develop personal plans to facilitate student success. This program is open to all undergraduate students.

Learning Outcomes
(after meeting with a Academic Success Coach, the student will be able to):

  1. Identify areas of need
  2. Learn about existing resources available to support success
  3. Develop skills to achieve success
  4. Demonstrate the ability to be responsible for his/her own academic success

Topics That May Be Covered in a Academic Success Coaching Appointment:

  1. Study Skills (methods for note-taking, how best to organize notes, best time to study, etc.)
  2. Financial Awareness (Knowing the deadlines for completing forms for Financial Aid, understanding what scholarships are available, how a change of Academic Standing and number of credits attempted can affect your aid)
  3. Academic Planning (Goal setting, identifying issues resulting in change of Academic Standing, developing strategies to improve academic performance)
  4. Time Management (Juggling work, school, and life)
  5. NSU G.P.S.: Going Places for Success (Students will be referred to assorted campus resources at their disposal, including the Tutoring and Testing Center, Career Development, Financial Aid, Counseling, etc.)
  6. Getting to Know Your Faculty
  7. Self-Awareness (Helping students understand strengths, values, interests, purpose, and passion, and how to be responsible for their own actions and decisions)

Academic Success Coaching Model
"Integration of a Theoretical Framework to Enhance Student Retention and Completion: Nova Southeastern University’s Success Coaching Model."
Co-authors Sheila Fabius, M.P.A, Gabrielle Grant, M.A., M.S. and Adam Gorelick, B.A. In Proceedings of the 8th Annual National Symposium on Student Retention. October 28-31, 2012. New Orleans, LA. Vol 1. pp. 234-241.

Academic Success Coaches

Shelia Fabius | NSU Gabby Grant | NSU Jake Shilts | NSU

Success Stories and Comments

It was a pleasure meeting you. It means so much to know that others are concerned about students' welfare, academically and otherwise at NSU. As you suggested, I've met with a tutor three times last week and I have another appointment today. I am happy to report that I'm feeling more confident and looking forward to future classes. I will certainly spread the word about your services to other students.

My experience with a student academic success coach was great, she was very helpful by answering all my questions and also very approachable. She also provided me with great advice about classes, and promptly gave me the booklet of NSU scholarships. I look forward to seeing her next semester and I will keep in touch with her if I have any questions regarding student success.

I really liked my coach. She had a very caring and down-to-earth presence. I really saw her great concern and dedication for this program when she took the time to fill out my weekly scheduler. And she showed me how to balance my prior engagements and school work.

My two meetings with my academic success coach were really good experiences. She answered almost every question I had and I am always at ease talking to her about school life. Another thing I really appreciated was her helping me with getting in touch with the women's soccer coach for NSU.

My academic success coach was very nice and helpful. She answered all of the questions I had for her. She also gave me helpful tips for the future.

Success Coaching FAQs

A Student Academic Success Coach at NSU is a trained staff member whose sole function is to help our students with academic success. We follow the model for Academic Success Coaches that has been developed by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA), which says a academic success coach should have the skills to:

  • Identify what the student wants to achieve
  • Encourage the student to look within to learn more about self
  • Allow/support the student to generate solutions and strategies to problems
  • Teach the student to be responsible and accountable for his/her actions/inactions and decisions

Academic Success Coaching is a one-on-one appointment with a Academic Success Coach. You will meet with a professional staff member from the Office of Undergraduate Student Success who will tailor the meeting to your specific needs, situations, and goals. Academic Success Coaches will help you with issues pertinent to success, including but not limited to the following:

  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Study Skills
  • Financial Awareness
  • Getting to know your faculty
  • Academic Planning

In addition, we are happy to refer you to the various resources available on campus, including Student Counseling, Financial Aid, Testing and Tutoring, and Career Development. We refer to this process as NSU G.P.S (Going Places for Success).

Almost anyone can benefit from academic success coaching! If you feel there is something preventing you from achieving academic success, we can assist. Academic Success coaching is a great resource for modifying existing behaviors and exploring new areas for academic and personal growth.

There are several ways to request an appointment for academic success coaching at NSU.

  1. Schedule an appointment here
  2. You can e-mail us at and a member of our office will call you to set up an appointment
  3. You can also call one of the Academic Success Coaches directly at (954) 262-8536 (Gabrielle Grant), (954) 262-8485 (Sheila Fabius), or 954-262-8535 (Jake Shilts).

You will meet one-on-one with your coach for 45-60 minutes. Prior to the appointment, the coach will send you an e-mail reminder about the meeting and request that you complete an "All About Me" form. This form needs to be returned to the coach 48 hours before the appointment, as it gives the coach some time to learn more about you before the meeting. The coach will spend some time getting to know you, especially assessing your particular needs, and will work with you to create a Success Plan. You may schedule an additional appointment or may find that you received the resources needed.