Welcome to Tobacco-Free NSU

"Nova Southeastern University cares about the health, welfare, and success of all of its students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors.  It is with this understanding that NSU has decided to become a tobacco-free university. NSU cares about your health and the health of others.  We appreciate your support in making NSU the preeminent place to live, work, study, and grow!"

What are people saying?

  • "….A non-smoking campus would definitely get people to reduce the amount they smoke and it might event get some individuals to quit all together."
  • "Since I've been in college I've lost two relatives to smoking so that you for this survey and hopefully lives would be changed as a result."
  • "There is nothing worse than being a non-smoker and having to walk through clouds of smoke when leaving and entering buildings."
  • "I think that having a smoke-free campus is a great idea. There are many times where students smoke a few feet away from the entrance and the odor still reaches the classroom.  It is very unpleasant for a non-smoker to endure.
  • "I have severe asthma and it is triggered by second hand smoke. I do not think smokers realize there are people out there that can be affected even by casual smoking in public."
  • "I encourage NSU to become a smoke free school. We all know that second hand smoke causes cancer; going smoke free would send a message to the community that as an institution we care about the community and our students and faculty's health."
  • "…..To allow smoking in any way negates any healthcare education and a student's embracing that education."
  •  "Excellent initiative."
  • "This policy will help preserve human life so in my opinion it should be implemented and enforced."
  • "This would benefit the college not only to keep it clean but to show its concern for healthy living."
  • "I think implementing a no smoking policy at NSU would be an excellent idea. I feel as though you should not have to be subjected to others smoking at an educational institution."
  • "Smoking makes me physically ill and dizzy. I'd like to be able to come to campus and not be affected during my courses."
  • "Smoking and its consequences represent a public health issue for everyone. NSU should do everything possible to educate its constituents of the personal, financial, and professional harm of smoking".
  • "I think it is proactive that NSU would be a non-smoking campus and I support that all the way."
  • "Attending NSU as a medical student it should suggest that people shouldn't be smoking for health benefits."
  • "….Since there is proof that second-hand smoke causes cancer, no one has the right to force me to breathe their smoke so smoking should be prohibited."