Student Involvement Opportunities

The Office of Student Affairs at the Regional Campuses promotes student involvement by providing the following opportunities:

Each of NSU's off campus sites offer students an exceptional college experience. The Office of Student Affairs plays a large role in this success through student interactions and involvement. All students are encouraged to get involved within NSU and the community. The Regional Campuses have been involved in the community in multiple capacities. A small sample of past activities include:

  • Blood Drives
  • United Way events
  • Relay for Life
  • Regional Campusond Harvest Food Bank
  • AIDS Walk
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Toys for Tots
  • Operation Christmas Child
  • Daily Bread Food Bank Can Drive
  • Breast Cancer Walk
  • Diabetes Walk
  • Beach Clean Up

To suggest and/or participate in future civic engagement events, contact a Student Affairs staff person.

One of the many ways that the Office of Student Affairs at the Regional Campuses promotes student involvement is through clubs and organizations. Clubs and organizations exist as a means for building leadership skills, as well as promote community outreach and recreation. Official clubs and organizations are funded and governed by the respective Student Government Association at each Regional Campus.

Click Clubs and Organizations for more information about the opportunities available at your Regional Campus site and to learn how to start a new club or organization.

Each Regional Campus has its own chapter of the Golden Key International Honour Society to recognize exceptional academic accomplishments of students. Students maintaining a 3.75 or higher GPA will be eligible for membership. Golden Key offers various benefits for its members, such as professional development opportunities, scholarships, community service projects, and more.

More information about the honor society can be found at

Find the application for the Executive Board once your membership has been confirmed.

Peer Study Groups at the Regional Campuses promote a community of learning among students. They support specific learning needs and can be beneficial to students who need help in their classes. Peer Study Groups are chartered through the Office of Student Affairs at the Regional Campuses as official organizations with the university.

Approved groups may schedule meetings at the Regional Campus facility through the Coordinator of Student Affairs, and they are granted access to a maximum of $50 per year for meeting expenses (including snacks). To request use of these funds, contact a Student Affairs staff person.

Individuals interested in chartering a Peer Study Group are required to complete and submit a Chartering Packet. Please click on the link below for the Chartering Packet pertaining to your Regional Campus:

The Professional Development Grant exists to support NSU Regional Campus students in furthering their academic learning through attendance and participation at conferences and workshops.
Such opportunities can include the following:

  • Attendance at a non-NSU professional or academic association conference directly related to your field of study.
  • Attendance in a webinar or site-based short duration workshop sponsored by a regional or national professional or academic association.
  • Participation in either of the above through an accepted presentation or poster session.

The Grant does NOT support academic program requirements or travel to the main campus.
Please see the attached application or speak to your Assistant Director of Student Affairs for more information.

Regional Campus PANSGA is the governing body of the Student Government Associations at the Regional Campuses. Invited members of this group include the Regional Campus Student Government Association Presidents and Vice Presidents from each site. The Regional Campus PANSGA members meet monthly to discuss current issues impacting all students at the Regional Campuses in an effort to make NSU a better institution for all students.

The Student Government Associations (SGAs) exist at each of the Regional Campuses to serve as the voice of the student body by representing student needs to the NSU administration. The SGAs also plan social events at the sites and provide a variety of community involvement opportunities.

Officers are elected by their student bodies for a one-year term beginning January 1 and running through the end of December. SGA positions include:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Public Relations Chair
  • Entertainment Chair
  • Senator (there is one senator position available for each academic program)

Click Student Government Associations for more information.