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Student Handbook 2016-2017

Last Updated: November 21, 2016


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Welcome to Student Affairs

"It was the greatest time of my life."

"I learned more in those years at NSU than any other time in my life."

"My years at NSU were life-changing and amazing. I met my best friends on the first day of Orientation."

These are the kinds of comments I often get when speaking with NSU graduates. Their eyes brighten and, with great clarity down to the smallest detail, they will share events and individuals that remarkably impacted their college years.

Nova Southeastern is an amazing University. The education you receive is world class from a distinguished faculty. But what else? What legacy will you leave behind at NSU?

The Division of Student Affairs is made up of 14 different offices that will help you create and leave a lasting legacy.

Want to be Student Body President? We can show you how. Want to further develop your leadership skills? We can provide you the opportunities. Want to get in the best shape of your life? We have the place and the people that can help make that happen. Want to get into a prestigious graduate school or land a high power job upon graduation? We’ll connect you with all the right people. When it comes to maximizing your time at NSU, the Division of Student Affairs is an amazing resource.

I invite you to take a deeper look at how to ‘connect and engage’ yourself with your University. Browse this web site and let us know where your interests are. As the old saying goes, ‘You can attend class and receive a degree, or you can become involved and receive an education.’ The choice is yours.

I look forward to someday hearing all of your amazing memories of your time at NSU.

Dr. Brad A. Williams
Vice President of Student Affairs and
Dean of the College of Undergraduate Studies
Nova Southeastern University

Additional Information

The mission of Student Affairs is to foster student success and a University community.

Administered by the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs, and overseen by the dean, associate dean, and assistant dean of student affairs, Student Affairs provides co-curricular learning opportunities and services that are conducive to student growth and development. It is composed of the following areas:
Administrative Services and Marketing, Campus Life and Student Engagement, International Affairs, Recreation and Wellness, Residential Life and Housing, Special Events and Projects, Student Activity Fee Accounts, Student Affairs at the Regional Campuses, Student Disability Services, Student Leadership and Civic Engagement, Student Media, and Student Mediation Services.