Mike Corominas Director (954) 262-8840 Email Mike Corominas
Marissa Quijada Assistant Director, Operations and Business Systems (954) 262-8828 Email Marissa Quijada
Alicia Henry Administrative Assistant (954) 262-8841 Email Alicia Henry
Lissette Barrios Senior Procurement Specialist (954) 262-8838 Email Lissette Barrios
Harmoni Clealand Senior Procurement Specialist (954) 262-8820 Email Harmoni Clealand
Nick Gavallas Procurement Specialist (954) 262-8846 Email Nick Gavallas
Cindy Cape Procurement Specialist (954) 262-8834 Email Cindy Cape
Jason Morris Procurement Specialist (954) 262-8837 Email Jason Morris
Rand Alexander Sourcing and Procurement Analyst (954) 262-8874 Email Rand Alexander
Tina Wright eProcurement Specialist (954) 262-8825 Email Tina Wright
Jide Idowu Data Analyst (954) 262-8836 Email Jide Idowu

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