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Please contact Payroll if you need assistance or have questions about Sharktime. 

Phone: 954-262-7887


About SharkTime

SharkTime is Nova Southeastern University’s electronic timekeeping system that gathers information about non-exempt employees’ work hours through a combination of desktop PCs and time clocks.

Using either the desktop PC or the time clock, employees will record their time in and time out, including lunch breaks.  They will approve their time card at the end of each pay period.  They will be able to easily view available leave balances in real time, request time off, and view time from prior pay periods.

Non-exempt and Student Employees

PC users: If you have a PC at or near your workstation and have not been assigned to use a time clock, you will timestamp your time in and out using your assigned PC.  You will have an ICON on your desktop that says SHARKTIME QUICK STAMP.  This is the ICON you will use to timestamp your in and out times electronically. Please access the “How to” tutorials in the box above to learn how to perform all necessary tasks in the timekeeping system.

Time clocks: If you have been assigned a time clock to use in your department, please see your supervisor to be trained on how to timestamp in and out using the clock.  Please see your supervisor to be trained how to use the other features of the clock for time card review and approval, leave balances, etc.

Students: If you are working in a department that has a time clock, you will be able to timestamp in and out at this time clock using your NSU Sharkcard and your biometrics on file.  A how to card located at the time clock provides the steps to timestamp in and out.

If you work for a department that does not have a time clock, you will be able to timestamp at a designated PC in the department you are working in.  If you are using a PC, please access the “How to” tutorials in the box above to learn how to perform all necessary tasks in the timekeeping system.

Classes will be held for all employees who are responsible for coordinating and submitting non-exempt employees’ time electronically to payroll.  You will learn how to view and make corrections to employees’ timecards, sign off on the cards, edit pay codes and historical data, add paid time off earning codes and hours, transfer hours to different labor accounts, and set up and maintain schedules.

If you have been designated as timekeeping coordinator and have not attended a training class, please email to arrange to attend a class as soon as possible.

Non-exempt and student employees please view the online “How-to” video links above to learn how to timestamp, view timecards, approve timecards and view available leave balances.

For tutorials and how to guides for Timekeeping Coordinators, please access Kronos Knowledge Pass via the following link:

You will need to register at the above site.  Please insert your NSU email user name and email password and use the company code:  6085670 when prompted.  NSU’s product version is Workforce Central version 6.

Once you have registered at the site, you will have access 24/7 to find help and tutorials to guide you through each task in SharkTime.

For live assistance and questions please call the Payroll Department at (954) 262-7887.