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About NSU Aquatics

Nova Southeastern University's Aquatics Department is one of the largest, most active aquatic programs in the Southeast United States. With three large and distinctly unique pools, NSU Aquatics delivers a wide-variety of activities and training for NSU students, faculty, staff, alumni and the general public. NSU Aquatics offers many training and certification programs designed to provide aquatic proficiency, comfort, competence, fitness and safety.

With year-round warm temperatures and sunshine, NSU pools are a great place for laying out, cooling off, and studying. The Leisure Pool located at the Don Taft University Center is a great place to strike up a fun game of water volleyball or basketball. 

To keep in shape, try our water aerobics classes called Aqua Boot Camp. You may also come and do laps on your own, or be coached by our Masters Swimming Club coaches for a more structured workout.

NSU is the perfect place to take scuba training. All levels of scuba instruction are offered through the NSU Academic Diving Program. With the second largest barrier reef system in the world just off our shores, scuba diving is a great activity for water enthusiasts.

Health and Safety Certifications
NSU Aquatics offers a regular schedule of health and safety courses including Lifeguarding, Lifeguard Instructor, Water Safety Instructor and Certified Pool Operator; as well as CPR/First Aid/AED for both lay responders and professional rescuers. 

NSU Aquatics, through Campus Recreation, is one of the largest employers of students on campus. We routinely hire Lifeguards, Water Safety Instructors, Divemasters and Scuba Instructors—especially those who have gone through our classes. 

Explore our Web site to find out how NSU Aquatics can serve your aquatic needs!