Benefits Forms

Form Format
Leave of Absence Notification Form
  (For leaves longer than six consecutive work days)
HTML Document
Certificate of Health Care Provider
(Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993) Employees must use this form to obtain certification from a health care provider that a serious health condition requiring leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) exists.
Microsoft Word
Certificate of Health Care Provider for Dependents Microsoft Word
Health Care Provider Statement (for non FMLA) Adobe Acrobat PDF
Leave of Absence Request Form Adobe Acrobat PDF
Flexible Spending Account Claims Adobe Acrobat PDF
2011 Eligible Expense List Adobe Acrobat PDF
Health Reimbursement Account Claim Adobe Acrobat PDF
Qualifying Event Benefit Change HTML Document
Reasonable Accommodation Based on Disability Request
To be completed whenever an employee or applicant requests an accommodation.
Adobe Acrobat PDF
How to Declare Domestic Partnership Adobe Acrobat PDF
Declaration of Tax Dependent Status Adobe Acrobat PDF
Request for Termination of Domestic Partnership HTML Document
BCBS Claim Forms HTML Document

Compensation Forms

Form Format
Gift Check Award
(Employee Recognition Program) Gift Check Award Form
MS Word Document
Gift Check Employee Appreciation Memo
Sample Memo Template
MS Word Document
Gift Check Award Guidelines
(Employee Recognition Program) Manager's guidelines for the gift check award program
MS Word Document
Performance Appraisal Process
Performance Appraisal Process Guidelines
Guidelines explaining the performance appraisal process
Adobe Acrobat PDF
Employee Orientation Review
To be used for employees hired or transferring within NSU on or after July 1, 2013 (whose evaluation due date is October 1 or later)
Employee Orientation Review
Position Forms
Position Funds Transfer
Used to establish budget information for new position, or make org/account changes to existing position.
MS Excel Document
Job Description Questionnaire for New Grant Funded Positions MS Word Document
Action Verbs MS Word Document
Process Map for Creating New Grant Funded Positions MS Excel Document

Employment Forms

form format
Adjunct Faculty Matrix
Request adjunct faculty information
MS Excel Document
Adjunct Faculty Workload Form Adobe Acrobat PDF
Request for Adjunct Faculty Excess Workload Approval Form Adobe Acrobat PDF
Adjunct Faculty Workload Calculator MS Excel Document
Adjunct Payment HTML Document
Authorization to Release Information MS Word Document
Exit Interview
Employees transferring to another department or leaving NSU
HTML Document
Faculty Search Committee Process
A policy that requires the formation of search committees to screen, interview, and recommend to the Dean of the employing academic unit qualified candidates for vacant faculty positions
Adobe Acrobat PDF
New Employee Departmental Checklist
A guide to acclimate new employees to the department & NSU
MS Word Document
Form Ordering Request
Adjunct Payment, Personnel Action, Special Payment, Termination
HTML Document
Request for Faculty Reappointment/Promotion Adobe Acrobat PDF
Request for New Faculty Appointment Adobe Acrobat PDF
Temporary Employee Request Adobe Acrobat PDF
Temporary Employment Evaluation Adobe Acrobat PDF
Termination/Transfer Alert HTML Document
Recruitment Guide
Request for Employment Advertisement
To advertise externally for a vacant or new position
Adobe Acrobat PDF
Effective Interviewing Adobe Acrobat PDF
Applicant Evaluation
This form is used to assess measurable qualities of your applicants.
MS Word Document
Telephone Reference Check
A guide for screening potential applicants
MS Word Document

Payroll Forms

form format
Cut-off Dates for Payroll 2015
Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization
To sign up for direct deposit
MS Excel Document
Request for Vacation Extension
Request vacation time about to be lost on your upcoming anniversary date
Adobe Acrobat PDF
W-4 Form HTML Document
Change of Name Form Adobe Acrobat PDF
Address Change Form HTML Document