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The NSU Write from the Start Writing and Communication Center (WCC) offers workshops for students and faculty designed to improve their writing and introduce them to innovative pedagogies and technologies. Workshops are currently held when requested by faculty and student groups. A list of our past workshops is available below, but the WCC can develop custom workshops to meet your specific needs at any time during the year, including summer. Faculty workshop content is being moved to the W-CENTRAL Canvas site, which NSU faculty will gain access to in fall 2019.

The WCC can run a past workshop or create customized writing workshops for departments and programs, as well as for student, faculty, and employee groups on campus. If you are interested in such a workshop, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Your Name and Contact Information

  • Group requesting the workshop

  • Type of skill or content you'd like to see covered

We will get back to you to develop a plan and identify a time for the workshop you requested.

From fall 2017-Winter 2019, the WCC offered faculty and graduate student workshops on a weekly basis on a variety of topics. These workshops can be requested to be run again by student or faculty groups, or new workshops can be developed to meet your groups' needs. Faculty workshop content is being moved to the W-CENTRAL Canvas site, which NSU faculty will gain access to in fall 2019.

Past WCC Faculty Workshops

Core Faculty Workshops

These "core four" workshops cover the core skills needed by instructors when developing, responding to, and assessing student writing assignments. 

  • Writing in the Disciplines: Where to Start - Discover how both short, low-stakes writing and longer, high-stakes writing assignments can be used in any course to facilitate and monitor student learning.
  • Developing and Sequencing Writing Assignments - Learn how to create engaging and useful writing assignments that target course goals and simplify assessment.
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Commenters Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the feedback you give to students on written projects without doing the work for them.
  • Creating a Peer Review Process That Really Works - Discover best practices for having students read and respond to their peers’ written work
Innovation Faculty Workshops

These workshops introduce faculty to innovative pedagogies and technologies designed to enhance student learning and engagement. 

  • Assigning and Assessing Oral Presentations: Powerpoint and Beyond - Discover how to assign oral presentations that allow for innovative formats for how students present their work in and out of class.
  • Creating Multimodal Assignments - Learn how to design assignments that encourage students to go beyond the written word (through images, audio, and other media).
  • Plotting a Course for Student Writing through Canvas - Learn how to create individual and group assets in Canvas that cover the entire writing and review process.
  • Flipping the Script on the Flipped Classroom - Find ways to use writing to help flip your classroom and to support independent student learning.
  • More than Words on a Page: Composing with Audio - Explore approaches to assigning, assessing, and developing students’ ability to compose audio-based projects.
  • PowerPointless: Rethinking the Oral Presentation - Break out of lecture-style presentations with innovative formats and approaches to how students present their work in and out of class.
  • The Power of Play: Gamifying the Learning Process - Explore how to engage students with play-based scenarios that challenge them to learn through creativity and collaboration.
  • Harnessing the Educational Potential of Social Media - Find out how social media can benefit your students’ engagement with and understanding of course content.
  • ExEL-ing in the Real World: Facilitating Writing-Based Experiential Learning - Learn best practices for experiential learning projects where students produce texts for and in collaboration with community partners.
  • Designing Wickedly Awesome Group Assignments - Attempt creating assignments that encourage self-directed learning and challenge students to solve complex problems.
  • Drawn to Scale: Strategies for Incorporating Writing into Large Classes - Explore how best practices in writing and communication instruction can be adapted to meet the needs of teachers working with a large number of students.

Past WCC Graduate Student Workshops

  • Managing Your Time - Learn best practices for setting goals, managing time, starting writing projects, and dealing with roadblocks (like procrastination and writer’s block).
  • The ABCs of APA: Learning the Basics of APA Citations Format your research with ease with the WCC and Alvin Sherman librarians by learning the basics of APA style and finding resources to answer your biggest APA questions.
  • Let's Get it Started: Beginning and Sustaining the Writing Process Start the semester off strong by learning best practices for setting goals, starting writing projects, & dealing with roadblocks (like procrastination and writer’s block).
  • Tying Up Loose Ends: Organizing and Keeping Track of your Research - Keep track of your research with the WCC and Alvin Sherman librarians by learning about high and low-tech resources and tips for organizing your sources.
  • Build your Brand: Creating Digital Portfolios that Stand Out Leave this workshop with an online portfolio that highlights your accomplishments and strategies for marketing yourself when seeking jobs and internships.
  • From Salutations to Signatures: Perfecting Email & Professional Communication - Stand out in the workplace by perfecting your professional communication, including e-mail writing (& signatures), and verbal and non-verbal communication techniques.
  • Crafting a Solid Review of Literature - Learn about the importance of your literature review and tips for reading, summarizing, and synthesizing sources to use in your work.
  • Just When You Think You’re Done… Editing & Proofreading (for Yourself & Others) - Improve your writing by giving feedback to others and learn editing and proofreading tips to ensure your work is clear and error free.
  • Leveraging Self-Reflection for Professional Development & Productivity Enhance your resume by incorporating reflective writing to better showcase your skills to current and future employers (please bring a current resume with you to the workshop).
  • Hard Work Preys Off: Recognizing & Avoiding Predatory Publishing Protect your scholarship from predatory publishers with the WCC and Alvin Sherman librarians and learn to recognize the signs of predatory publishing and strategies for securing your work.
  • Visualizing Research: Designing & Delivering Poster Presentations Perfect your poster presentations by learning about the purpose behind posters, effective poster design tips, and the importance of a strong elevator pitch.
  • Beyond Powerpoint: Digital Storytelling with Adobe Spark Take your presentations to the next level with Adobe Spark. BYOD to this hands-on workshop where you’ll leave with a Spark post or page that showcases your creativity.
  • Academic Writing for Multilingual Writers Develop a greater understanding of standard academic American English writing conventions by learning some of the basics and where to find resources and support for multilingual writers.


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