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Workshops & Events

The NSU Write from the Start Writing and Communication Center provides NSU students with a variety of opportunities to learn about specialized writing topics and improve their writing and communication skills.

Perfect your writing! Join other graduate and professional students this fall on Tuesdays from 12-1 pm in-person in the WCC (Rm. 430 in the Alvin Sherman Library) or online via GoToTraining.

If you want to attend virtually using GoToTraining, simply click the link next to the session description below and enter your information. (Once registered, you will receive reminders and an email with the link to login to the session.)

If you want to attend in-person, we appreciate you filling out this form so we know how many people will be there. Our Teaching and Learning Studio can fit about 20 people; if you complete the in-person registration form, your spot will be reserved. If you show up in-person without having filled out the form, it is possible that the room will be full.

*BYOD! The WCC encourages all visitors to bring their laptops, tablets, or mobile devices with them to use during workshops.


WCC Writes: Fall 2018 Graduate and Professional Student Workshop Series

  • Let's Get it Started: Beginning and Sustaining the Writing Process
    September 18, 12-p.m., WCC | Kevin Dvorak, Writing and Communication Center -
    Start the semester off strong by learning best practices for setting goals, starting writing projects, & dealing with roadblocks (like procrastination and writer’s block).

  • Tying Up Loose Ends: Organizing and Keeping Track of your Research
    September 25, 12-p.m., WCC | Joana Fernandez, Alvin Sherman Library, & Janine Morris, CAHSS, Dept. of Writing and Communication
    - Keep track of your research with the WCC and Alvin Sherman librarians by learning about high and low-tech resources and tips for organizing your sources.

  • Build your Brand: Creating Digital Portfolios that Stand Out
    October 2, 12-p.m., WCC | Whitney Lehmann, CAHSS, Dept. of Writing and Communication
    - Leave this workshop with an online portfolio that highlights your accomplishments and strategies for marketing yourself when seeking jobs and internships. 

  • The ABCs of APA: Learning the Basics of APA Citations
    October 9, 12-p.m., WCC | Laura Ramirez, Alvin Sherman Library, & WCC Graduate Asst. Coordinators
    - Format your research with ease with the WCC and Alvin Sherman librarians by learning the basics of APA style and finding resources to answer your biggest APA questions. 

  • From Salutations to Signatures: Perfecting Email & Professional Communication
    October 16, 12-p.m., WCC | Janine Morris, CAHSS, Dept. of Writing and Communication
    - Stand out in the workplace by perfecting your professional communication, including e-mail writing (& signatures), and verbal and non-verbal communication techniques. 

  • Crafting a Solid Review of Literature
    October 23, 12-p.m., WCC | Kelly Concannon, CAHSS, Dept. of Writing and Communication
    - Learn about the importance of your literature review and tips for reading, summarizing, and synthesizing sources to use in your work. 

  • Just When You Think You’re Done…Editing & Proofreading (for Yourself & Others)
    October 30, 12-p.m., WCC | Janine Morris, CAHSS, Dept. of Writing and Communication & Kevin Dvorak, Writing and Communication Center
    - Improve your writing by giving feedback to others and learn editing and proofreading tips to ensure your work is clear and error free.

  • Leveraging Self-Reflection for Professional Development & Productivity
    November 6, 12-p.m., WCC | Molly Scanlon, CAHSS, Dept. of Writing and Communication
    - Enhance your resume by incorporating reflective writing to better showcase your skills to current and future employers (please bring a current resume with you to the workshop).  Register to attend this workshop in person or online via GoToTraining

  • Hard Work Preys Off: Recognizing & Avoiding Predatory Publishing
    November 13, 12-p.m., WCC | Stacy Allsop, Alvin Sherman Library,  & Mario D'Agostino, CAHSS, Dept. of Writing and Communication
    Protect your scholarship from predatory publishers with the WCC and Alvin Sherman librarians and learn to recognize the signs of predatory publishing and strategies for securing your work. Register to attend this workshop in person or online via GoToTraining

  • Visualizing Research: Designing & Delivering Poster Presentations
    November 20, 12-p.m., WCC | Eric Mason, CAHSS, Dept. of Writing and Communication
    Perfect your poster presentations by learning about the purpose behind posters, effective poster design tips, and the importance of a strong elevator pitch. Register to attend this workshop in person or online via GoToTraining

  • Beyond Powerpoint: Digital Storytelling with Adobe Spark
    November 27, 12-p.m., WCC | Janine Morris, CAHSS, Dept. of Writing and Communication
    - Take your presentations to the next level with Adobe Spark. BYOD to this hands-on workshop where you’ll leave with a Spark post or page that showcases your creativity. Register to attend this workshop in person or online via GoToTraining

  • Academic Writing for Multilingual Writers
    December 4, 12-p.m., WCC | TBD
    - Develop a greater understanding of standard academic American English writing conventions by learning some of the basics and where to find resources and support for multilingual writers
    Register to attend this workshop in person or online via GoToTraining

The Writing and Communication Center can create customized writing workshops for department and programs, as well as student, faculty and employee groups on campus. If you are interested in such a workshop, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Your Name and Contact Information

  • Group requesting the workshop

  • Type of skill or content you'd like to see covered

We will get back to you to develop a plan for the workshop you requested.

The WCC hosts or participates in a number of events throughout the year that you may be interested in, such as: 

  • Writing Center Orientations
  • Kind-of-Long-Night Against Procrastination - Come join us right before finals for focused time finishing up your writing. Food provided.
  • Dissertation Boot Camps, and Discipline- and Profession-Specific Writing Retreats
  • Weekly Write-Ins - Weekly writing group where faculty, graduate, and professional students can come together this fall for dedicated time to focus on writing your dissertation, research, grants, or other projects. This writing group will meet on Mondays (starting September 10th) from 6-8 pm in the WCC (Alvin Sherman LIbrary, 430), and online via GoToMeeting.
  • Wikipedia Edit-a-thon - Once a semester, the WCC hosts an event to educate students about editing WIkipedia, to improve articles and to address its biases in what gets recorded and by whom. Each time we hold this event, the WCC will partner with a NSU department to improve Wikipedia's coverage of topics related to that discipline.
  • National Day on Writing - Visit the WCC on this day to add your voice to a national conversation about why we write.
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