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Become a Graduate Assistant

Prospective and current students in the Master of Arts in Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Media (CRDM) program are welcome to apply to become a graduate assistant working in the Writing and Communication Center (WCC). A variety of positions are available, and are awarded on a competitive basis. Students may instead work as administrative assistants in the Department of Communication, Media, and the Arts (DCMA) office, as research assistants assigned to school faculty members, and as peer consultants or coordinators in the NSU Write from the Start Writing and Communication Center. General inquiries can be sent to Please submit the form below if you are interested in one of these positions:

WCC Graduate Assistant Coordinator

20 hrs/week

Full Tuition (15 credits per academic year*) + Stipend (up to $12,000)

WCC Graduate Assistant

20 hrs/week

Partial Tuition (varies) + $13.50/hour

WCC Graduate Peer Consultant

hrs/week vary


DCMA Research Assistantship

20 hrs/week


DCMA Administrative Assistantship

20 hrs/week


* 6 credits in fall, 6 credits in winter, 3 in summer

** Amounts may change due to curriculum changes or course loads.

*** Students are responsible for paying any applicable fees including but not limited to health insurance, international student taxes, housing deposit, and student activity fees. All students should contact their respective Financial Aid officer to review costs not covered by Graduate Assistant compensation package. 

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