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About Writing Center Consultations

Our consultants can offer individualized assistance through one-on-one sessions lasting 45 minutes. These sessions can be in person or online, and can focus on any stage of the process, from brainstorming and developing ideas to editing final products.

Specifically, they will discuss your assignments, listen to your ideas, ask you questions, talk about writing strategies, offer constructive feedback, and strengthen your writing and communication habits. In addition, consultants can assist with small group assignments so long as all members of the group are present.

The WCC is a dynamic ever-evolving space, with mobile seating and whiteboards, so students are encouraged to bring their own laptops and tablets to work in the WCC.

Services include assistance on the following:

  • Academic Projects (papers, theses, dissertations)
  • Professional Projects (resumes, CVs, cover letters, grant applications, articles for publication)
  • Personal Projects (creative writing)
  • Digital Projects (PowerPoints, posters, infographics)

You can make a writing center appointment here:

If this is your first time making an appointment with the WCC, you should review this detailed presentation on how to schedule appointments using myWConline, which also includes how to connect to online appointments once they are made. If you just need a refresher, see the instructions below:

  1. Log onto  
  2. Sign in. On the left hand side there is a box where you must input your Nova email and the password you used when you created the account.  If you have not created an account with myWConline then click the “Register for an Account” button and fill out the form in the pop-up window.
  3. Choose your schedule. Select your schedule from the drop-down menu. To help decide which schedule fits you best, there is a description of the schedules to the right of the sign in box. If you are an undergraduate student making an appointment with a writing fellow assigned to your class, for instance, then use the schedule titled “4.Undergrad - Sherman Library.”  
  4. Choose your class. Open the drop down menu titled “Limit to” and select the class that you are meeting for.  This will limit the schedule to fellows shown on the schedule to those specially selected to help with your course.
  5. Select your appointment time. You can select any of the white boxes to make an appointment.  A pop-up window will open asking for some information about your reason for coming in, class, and professor.  Please fill this information out to the best of your ability as it will be used by the consultant to help prepare for your meeting. After you have made an appointment the box will become orange.  

How to Change or Cancel an Appointment
An appointment can be edited or cancelled by signing back onto and clicking the orange box and making the changes or pressing the “Cancel this Appointment” button at the bottom of the pop-up window.  

Students working on oral and visual assignments can receive feedback from our consultants in one of our two Shark Tanks. These collaborative multimodal spaces are equipped with large monitors, outlets, mobile chairs, and recording capabilities, offering the ideal space to work on any stage of the presentation development process – from brainstorming to final touches. To schedule an oral/visual consultation and reserve a Shark Tank, please email or call (954) 262-4644.

Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops and tablets to work in the WCC. The WCC is a dynamic ever-evolving space, with mobile seating and whiteboards that promote constant creativity. To maintain this atmosphere, desktop computers are not installed in the WCC. While our consultants have laptops, we cannot guarantee their availability during sessions. Students may also bring a hard copy of their assignment in place of a device.

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