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Writing Challenge Exam

There are three levels of undergraduate writing courses at NSU:

  • COMP 1000 - Basic Writing
  • COMP 1500 - College Writing
  • COMP 2000/2020 - Advanced College Writing/Writing about Literature

COMP 1000 prepares students for COMP 1500.

COMP 1500 and either COMP 2000/2020 are required for most NSU undergraduate students.

Writing Challenge Exams

If you wish to challenge your writing course placement, you have the option to take a 45-minute writing challenge exam that consists of writing a 500-word essay. This essay will be evaluated by a member of the writing program faculty, who will then make the final decision regarding your placement. The results of this essay will determine whether you will be placed in either COMP 1000 or COMP 1500. If you wish to challenge placement, you must:

  1. Discuss it with your academic advisor. An academic advisor will refer students, as appropriate, to Testing Services to enable them to complete the Writing Challenge Exam. Arrange your Writing Challenge Exam by contacting Testing Services in the Tutoring and Testing Center at (954) 262-8374.
  2. Take this exam only once, prior to the start of the first semester at NSU. Students may take the writing challenge exam at Testing Services, located in the Student Affairs Building 2nd Floor, or through a secure online system at home.
  3. Be aware that if you attempt to make your appointment too late, you may be unable to secure an appointment in time to meet the deadline.

Note: Students who have not completed the Writing Challenge Exam prior to the start of the semester, and are enrolled in COMP 1000 will complete a diagnostic writing during the first week of class.

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