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Mathematics Challenge Exam

Mathematics Challenge Exam

If you wish to challenge your course placement in mathematics, you have the option to take the Mathematics Challenge Exam in the Tutoring and Testing Center prior to your first semester at NSU.

MyMathTest is an online tool, developed by Pearson, designed to assess students’ skills in mathematics and accurately determine appropriate course readiness. Students will complete 1-5 levels of assessment (each level is timed at 30 minutes) based on current course placement. Therefore, the total exam time can vary. All questions will be multiple choice and all materials needed for the exam will be provided by the TTC. While taking the challenge exam, students are not allowed to receive assistance from others, visit other websites, or use any calculators. The results of the exam will determine whether you will stay in current course placement or can move to a higher level. Students can take this exam only once, prior to the start of their first mathematics course at NSU. Exams must be taken on campus in the Tutoring and Testing Center, SAB 2nd Floor. Same day appointments will be available only during Summer Orientation.

 If you wish to challenge placement, you must:

  1. Discuss it with your Academic Advisor. An Academic Advisor will refer students, as appropriate, to Testing Services to enable them to complete the Math Challenge Exam.
  2. Schedule your Math Challenge Exam by making an appointment with Testing Services in the Tutoring and Testing Center; call (954) 262-8374.


Mathematics Course Sequence

MATH 1000 – Essential Math
MATH 1030 – Intermediate Algebra
MATH 1040 –Algebra for College Students
MATH 1200 – Precalculus Algebra
MATH 1250 – Trigonometry
MATH 2100 – Calculus I
*Meet with your Academic Advisor to see required math courses to complete based on your major requirements


Resource to Help Prepare

The Khan Academy is a free resource offering practice exercises and instructional videos. If you would like to review prior to your math challenge testing appointment, click the image below to visit Khan Academy. Students should begin exercises for the current level class from which they were placed (e.g. Students placed in MATH 1030, should work on intermediate algebra concepts in Khan Academy)


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