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Student Conduct

Drug and Alcohol Resource

NSU Programs

Center for Student Counseling and Well-Being: A student may be referred to the Center for Student Counseling and Well-Being or another university health provider/program when extreme behavior indicates that counseling may be beneficial. The Center is also available by appointment at (954) 424-6911 or (954) 262-7050. The Center provides students with an assessment, counseling, consultation, psychiatric services, wellness and recovery education, and case management services and linkage or referral. The Center is also partnered with Henderson Behavioral Health, a leader in behavioral health care providing comprehensive, recovery-focused services and is accredited at the highest level for student counseling services by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. The Center is located on NSU’s campus and students receive 10 free sessions per year.

Healthy Lifestyles Guided Self-Change Program: This program offered through the Psychology Services Center on the Main Campus offers a unique short-term, evidence-based, non-12 step alternative treatment and has been recognized by the Surgeon General as an appropriate treatment for individuals who have mild alcohol or drug problems. Individuals who are interested in services can call the program directly at (954) 262-5968 or reach out via email at

Residential Life Alcohol Awareness and Safety Programming: Resident Assistants are highly encouraged to promote AOD awareness and safety through passive programming, like bulletin boards, that provide tips for safe drinking and reminders of legal drinking restrictions. Additional active programs have ranged from mocktail events that encourage sobriety and share statistics on alcohol abuse and sexual misconduct. Resident Assistants are also encouraged to partner with the Town of Davie Police Department, who provide drunk simulation goggles and facilitate driving games to show the dangers of impaired driving.

Initial Compliance Team Meetings for Student Athletes: Within the first 2 weeks of the Fall and Winter semester, every team meets with NSU Athletics Compliance coordinator to discuss the expectations that the Athletics department has for each student-athlete. Each student-athlete signs an acknowledgment form stating their awareness of the drug testing policies of the NSU Athletics department and the NCAA and are assigned an educational module that provides detailed information on the drug testing policies and the effect that drugs and alcohol have on performance.

New Student-Athlete Orientation: This orientation introduces new student-athletes to administrative staff members, policies, procedures, and the expectations of the NSU Athletics department. Participants are also informed of the NSU Athletics department and NCAA policies on drug testing as well as procedures to access the My Playbook Health and Wellness program.

My Playbook Health and Wellness Program: This program assigns freshmen student-athletes learning modules monthly for their first year at NSU. The modules are updated annually and include various AOD topics. Completion of the assigned modules is checked by the Director of Sports Performance.

Safe Harbor Program for Student Athletes: This program is a self-disclosure for student-athletes who admit, prior to being selected for testing, to using a banned substance and can only be utilized once during the period of time of athletic eligibility. NSU will work with the student to prepare for the Safe Harbor Program treatment plan, which may include confidential drug testing. While in compliance with the treatment plan, the student athlete will not be included in the list of students eligible for random drug testing by NSU.

The APPLE Program: The APPLE program is an NCAA initiative to promote drug and alcohol abuse prevention. NSU Athletics sent 3 student-athletes and 3 staff members to the APPLE conference in 2021. This team was responsible for providing information to all NSU student-athletes regarding the impact that AOD (including marijuana, tobacco, vaping, etc.) have on health and performance. Further, each NSU sports team designates an APPLE representative that will complete an AOD education series and convey the information to their respective teams.

TAO Connect: NSU has a partnership with TAO Connect, which is a digital platform designed to make behavioral health therapy more accessible and effective for students, faculty and staff. This partnership provides free, 24/7 access via mobile app or Web browser to TAO Connect’s suite of evidence-based, self-guided mental health and wellness exercises through the NSU Center for Student Counseling and Wellbeing by Henderson Behavioral Health.

Title IX Educational Programs: NSU’s Title IX Office offers online education to all new students that includes information about substance abuse and risk reduction. Other Title IX programs occasionally include information about substance use/abuse. Additionally, those involved in investigating or adjudicating Title IX cases are trained in understanding consent and the role substances can play in ability to consent.

Community Programs

Florida Department of Education, Office of Safe Schools: The Office serves as a central repository for best practices, training standards and compliance oversight in all matters regarding school safety and security. NSU’s Student Handbook states that interested students may contact the Office at (850) 245-0416 or via email at

Florida Department of Children and Families Substance Abuse Program Office: The Department provides treatment for substance abuse through a community-based provider system that offers detoxification, treatment and recovery support for adolescents and adults affected by substance misuse, abuse or dependence. NSU’s Student Handbook states that interested students may contact the Department at (850) 487-2920.

Broward Behavioral Health Coalition: The Coalition provides a comprehensive system of care for substance use, mental health, and co-occurring disorders for individuals in Broward County. NSU’s Student Handbook states that interested students may contact the Department at (954) 622-8121.

Alcoholics Anonymous: Struggling students are encouraged to contact the Broward County chapter at (954) 462-0265.

Narcotics Anonymous: Struggling students are encouraged to contact the Broward County chapter at (954) 476-9297.

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