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Student Conduct


About Us

The NSU Student CARE Team is a multidisciplinary team designed to provide support for students’ well-being and academic success by connecting students in need with campus and community resources. The team serves to supplement existing campus processes such as student conduct, access to student counseling, residential life responses, and other traditional means of supporting students by ensuring that the “dots are connected” to better understand a referred student’s experience. By partnering with members of the community, the NSU Student CARE Team strives to promote individual student wellbeing and success while prioritizing community safety.



The purpose of the NSU Student CARE Team is to serve as the coordinating hub of existing resources, focused on the prevention and early intervention of students experiencing distress, feeling overwhelmed or engaging in harmful or disruptive behavior. The Team recommends interventions (e.g., academic advising, Tutoring & Testing, Writing Center, etc.,), develops support strategies (e.g., Student Counseling, Student Disability Services, Student Behavioral Concerns Committee, etc.,), and offers case coordination in accordance with university policies. The overall goals of the Team is to connect students in need with necessary resources to help resolve underlying concerns that may impede their daily functioning, disrupt their ability to be successful, and might be indicative of harm to self or others.


Contact Us

Phone: (954) 262-7482

In Case of Emergency

If you feel threatened or know of someone who is in extreme distress, call 911 and contact

Public Safety at (954) 262-8999. 

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