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Student Conduct

Community Care Coaches (CCC)

The Community CARE Coaches (CCCs) are a group comprised of students that serve as an early intervention measure for the NSU Student CARE Team. CCCs are equipped with the basic knowledge and skills needed to confidently address, and positively impact students’ overall well-being by encouraging students to utilize the various student support resources on campus.

As part of the NSU Student CARE Team, Community Care Coaches:

  • Gain educational experience in supporting mental health awareness.
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health challenges.
  • Provide reassurance to students who may be experiencing a mental health challenge.
  • Identify and refer students to appropriate professional support and services available to them.
  • Develop coaching skills to encourage and support students with establishing a self-care plan.
  • Facilitate campus awareness events that encourage and educate students on how to make healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Work collaboratively with the Office of Student Development, the Office of Student Disability Services and the NSU Center for Student Counseling & Well-Being.
  • Obtain 2 ExEL Units in Leadership



Meet the Team

Diya Varma is a junior majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience with minors in Public Health and Honors Transdisciplinary studies. She is from Long Island, NY, and she would like to pursue a career as a physician. She aims to spread awareness about the crucial role that mental health plays in overall well-being. She is committed to utilizing the experience of being a Community Care Coach in order to support NSU students and provide them with a safe space to address their concerns. Diya is also a tutor on campus and enjoys photography and exercising in her spare time.

Inchara Kumar is a sophomore Biology major with minors in Psychology and Honors Transdisciplinary studies from Phoenix, Arizona. She is currently in the BS/DO program, aspiring to become a physician for underserved populations in the US and beyond. Some of her involvements include being on the Eboard of NSU Fitoor, a singing club on campus, and the ASL club. Inchara is also passionate about serving the community in any way possible, from aiding her peers with classwork to volunteering to help those in need outside NSU. Through her position as a CARE Coach, she aims to destigmatize mental health and create a safe and inclusive environment for students. In her free time, Inchara enjoys drawing, reading, and watching (or rewatching) anime.

Mahati Dharanikota is a Junior Psychology major with minors in Pre-Health and Public Health from Richmond, VA. Upon graduation, Mahati plans to attend medical school in hopes to pursue a career in psychiatry. Her dedication to reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and creating an environment where individuals feel safe is what inspired her to join the Community Care Coach team. She hopes to use her experience as a Care Coach to better the community and provide mental health resources to others. In her free time, Mahati enjoys spending time with friends, going to the gym, trying new food, and spending time outdoors.

Mythili Batchu is a Junior Behavior Neuroscience major with minors in Pre-Health, Honors Transdisciplinary Studies, and Public Health from Boston, MA. Upon graduation, Mythili would like to pursue going to medical school. Her passion for eliminating the stigma around mental health in minority populations and bettering the mental health resources on campus is what drove her to become a part of the Community Care Coaches team. Her experience as a Community Care coach will allow her to gain the skills needed to make a positive impact. Mythili is also part of the Inter-Organizational Council and the Health Education Action Liaison on campus. In her spare time, Mythili enjoys watching movies, hanging out with friends, and baking.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Care Coach please email:

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