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Student Conduct

Community Care Coaches

NSU Student CARE Team Community CARE Coaches

            The NSU CARE Team’s Community CARE Coaches are a group of students who are certified and trained to address the educational needs of the NSU community on topics that impact student well-being while promoting a “Community of CARE.” This group serves as an intervention measure as discussed by the NSU Student CARE Team

As part of the NSU Student CARE Team, Community Care Coaches:

  • Learn strategies to promote a “culture of care” where reporting is not taboo.
  • Gain skills and experiences in promoting self-care, happiness, resilience, bystander intervention, coping skills, mental health area affecting college students (stress management, perfectionism, anxiety, depression) and leadership skills.
  • Raise awareness by creating an environment for enlightened discussion, dialogue, and sometimes debate among students and peers.
  • Help encourage and educate their peers to make health lifestyle choices through programs, presentations, workshops, group discussion, and campus awareness events.
  • Obtain 2 Excel Units in Leadership




Meet the Team:


Anaya Avila is a sophomore pursuing a major in Education with a Secondary English and ESL focus. Anaya plans on working in low-income schools to serve diverse students as an English and an ESL teacher. She also aspires to be advocate on behalf of homeless youth and those suffering from domestic violence. Anaya spends her free time singing in Canta Sempre, NSU's vocal ensemble and is a member of the American Association of University Women. Anaya also enjoys volunteering and attending seminars to better understand disparities in various communities and brings her passion for connectivity, mental health, and education to the Community Care Coach team. Anaya hopes to spread awareness about the importance of mental health and to assist in maintaining a safe space for students to learn and grow as a part of the NSU community.

Miloni Shah is a Junior Biology and Behavioral Neuroscience double major and Public Health minor from Chicago, IL. Miloni plans to enter medical school post undergraduate graduation. With a passion in community involvement and student engagement, Miloni brings her voice and ideas to eliminate stigmas against declining mental health to students who may not have access to care due to cultural barriers to the Community Care Coaches. Miloni volunteers as a Crisis Textline volunteer and cares for residents of declining memory and late stage dementia. Miloni enjoys baking and Bollywood-fusion dancing in her free time. She is a proud member and president of Locks for Cause where she raises cancer awareness and works with students who face the emotional challenges of cancer

Andrea T. Suárez is in her third year of Pharmacy Doctorate at Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy (NSU-COP), San Juan Campus. She desires to continue gaining the knowledge and skills to become a community pharmacist and specialize in compounding preparations. Some of her goals in life are to open to open a pharmacy and a coffee/pastry shop with her sister. Andrea brings her empathy, creativity, patience, and curiosity for learning to the Community Care Coaches Team by becoming a liaison between the students and Care Team to provide tools that can help enhance student’s mental health. During her free time, she enjoys baking, cooking with her family, participating in community work, and painting. She is the actual vice-president of the National Community Pharmacy Association (NCPA) at NSU-COP and is an active member of the American Pharmacists Association – Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP).

Nadia Miah is a junior Behavioral Neuroscience major and a Psychology minor. After graduation, Nadia hopes to gain a Master’s in Public Health and pursue a career in epidemiology. As a Community Care Coach, Nadia hopes to help provide a platform for NSU students to become more comfortable in talking about mental health. Nadia enjoys watching TV shows and movies and is also learning to play to badminton. Along with being a Community Care Coach, Nadia is also a Political and Social Ambassador in IOC and is the VP of External Affairs Assistant in NSU HOSA.

Breanna Jones is a Senior Communication Sciences and Disorders Major and a Studio Arts Minor who grew up in South Florida. After earning her Bachelor's, she plans to earn her Master's degree in Speech Pathology. Breanna is a member of Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity, the oldest and largest professional co-ed fraternity in the world. She is also a part of Open Expressions, where she writes and performs poetry. During her free time, Breanna enjoys creating art, as well as playing instruments and baking. Breanna's personal experience and awareness drew her to the role of Community Care Coach.

Nikole Lesmes-Rincon is a rising junior majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience with minors in Global Engagement and Pre-Health. She is a member of the Razor’s Edge Global Program and the Admissions Ambassador team. Nikole is proudly from Bogota, Colombia, and her cultural background has motivated her to increase mental health awareness in minorities

Celine Loh is a senior Psychology Honors student from Hialeah, FL. She plans on pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology upon graduation and aspires to become a licensed psychologist. Her passion for eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health motivates her to create an environment where all students feel accepted and included. She applies this passion in her roles as a Title IX Peer Educator and as the Vice President of Program Development for the Xi Zeta Chapter of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. In her free time, Celine enjoys cooking, baking, cross-stitching, and playing the piano.

Pola Naguib is a Junior Biology major from Cairo, Egypt. Upon graduation, Pola plans to pursue the dental program at NSU. Pola is a very open-minded individual and is very understanding when it comes to cultural and social networking matters. In his free time, Pola enjoys Netflixing and working out

Farah Roman-Velez has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Interamerican University of Puerto Rico and is currently a third year Doctor of Pharmacy candidate at Nova Southeastern University Puerto Rico Campus. Upon completing her Doctorate degree, she aims to work directly with patients offering state of the art clinical care to all patients in a community and/ or hospital setting. Her beliefs in the vital importance of possessing a good mental health and how it can potentially impact the lives of many people at all settings and occupations, was what drove her desire to be a part of the Community Care Coaches Team. This opportunity will help her utilize and learn new skills to be able to positively impact the lives of her future patients. During her spare time, she enjoys going to the beach, dancing, watching movies and series.

Priya Rajesh is a Senior Psychology major with minors in Public Health and Honors Transdisciplinary Studies from Muscat, Oman. Upon graduation, Priya would like to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology, focusing on contributing to the research fields of suicide and sexual assault prevention. Priya would like to bring her passion for mental health and insights from her work experience to the Community Care Coaches to destigmatize conversations regarding mental health. In her free time, she enjoys biking, watching true crime shows and cooking. She is also a proud sister of the Alpha Xi Chapter of Delta Epsilon Mu, Incorporated.

Gargee Pandya is a current junior at Nova Southeastern University. She is working towards earning her Neuroscience major and Biology and Psychology minors. Upon graduation, Gargee plans to go to graduate school and further her studies in Neuroscience and Psychology. Gargee is very passionate about mental health awareness and hopes to help others learn more about their mental health while working as a Community Care Coach. In her free time, Gargee enjoys trying new foods and places, working out, reading, and watching Netflix. She is also a proud member of Delta Epsilon Mu

Robin Crews is an Occupational Therapy Doctoral Student at the NSU Tampa Campus. Upon graduation, Robin plans to be an OT who works with veterans and families - with a focus on mental health in OT, Reiki energy healing, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Robin brings her passion for mental health in OT, Reiki energy healing, and veterans to enable those she serves to live their deeper spiritual mission. In her free time, Robin enjoys holding mindfulness and meditation groups, cultivating flowering plants, exploring Complementary and Alternative Medicines, learning new languages, traveling, practicing kundalini yoga, singing, and doodling. She aspires to learn more about a variety of spiritual practices, and she is highly interested in exploring Reiki as a preparatory method in OT. She is also a proud cat mom to Pickles and Bear, veteran of the United States Air Force, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, member of the the OT Journal Club, OT Spanish Club, and Mindfulness Meeting Group on the Tampa Campus.

Imani Raze is a sophomore nursing student in the class of 2023. Her final career goal is to be a travel CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) in the US and around the world. As a former international student, Imani brings her experiences with multicultural youth mental health education, as well as school counseling training and graphic/visual design skills, to the Community Care Coach team programs. She is also a member of Junior Pediatrics, an undergraduate pre-professional organization that works with children. Outside of school hours

Imani spends her time creating digital art, composing music, dancing, and helping others visually reorganize physical and online spaces.

Ritchy Laguerre is a junior at Nova southeastern University who is currently majoring in Psychology and minoring in Business. In addition, Ritchy is currently on the Nova Southeastern University Track and Field team. After graduation Ritchy wants to go for his masters to achieve and conquer his clinical degree to become a clinical therapist. Ritchy brings his passion in helping individuals thrive for success to the Community Care Coaches to help bring a sense of safety and belonging for all students. In his free time, Ritchy makes music, dances, does acting scenes, and loves spending time with friends and family.

Jaylynne Thomas is a Senior Communication Sciences and Disorders major from Cumberland, Rhode Island. Upon graduation, Jaylynne plans to apply to Audiology programs to become an Audiologists and work with children with hearing impairments. Her passion is to create belonging, and a space to understand student mental health through the Community Care Coaches team. In her free time, Jaylynne enjoys running outdoors and painting. She is also a proud member of the Women’s Track and Field Team. As well as President of the Gamma Delta Chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated here at NSU.

Ruthianah Saint Louis is a Biology major from Miramar Florida. Upon graduation Ruthianah plans to be a gynecologist, opening and managing chains of small clinics throughout South Florida. Ruthianah will utilize her passion for mental health, student life, music, and children to the Community Care Coaches to help create an open and loving atmosphere for all students. In her free time, Ruthianah enjoys coaching soccer to kids with autism, volunteering at Feeding South Florida, as well as teaching students from the youth group at her church how to play various instruments; such as piano and drums to aid in their spiritual growth. She is also a proud member of the Junior Pediatrics club and Kids in Distress club.

Jessica Goldson is a Sophomore Behavioral Neuroscience major from Jacksonville, Fl. Post graduation, Jessica plans to pursue medical school and become a pediatric neurologist. Jessica uses her passion of altruism, people, and mental health, in the Community Cares Coach position to assist in creating a safe and open space for all students to feel welcomed while they are away from home. In her free time, Jessica enjoys doing street photography, were she can capture the beauty of people in their natural element. Lastly, Jessica is a proud member of the Black Student Union’s executive board and the Inter-Organizational Council (IOC)

Serena Patel is an upcoming junior from New Jersey. She is in the dual D.O. program with a major in biology and minor in psychology of health sciences. Serena aspires to pursue a career in cardiology, oncology, or neurology, and hopes to help people along her journey. In her free time, Serena enjoys playing soccer with her friends or relaxing and listening to music. Through NSU's community care coach team, Serena hopes to bring awareness to mental health on campus and be a source of guidance for the student body by creating a positive and trusting environment.

Julia Gumirov is a Junior Biology major and Chemistry minor from Chicago, IL. Upon graduation, Julia plans to attend medical school and become a pediatric physician in her future. Julia enjoys spending time with others in her free time, as well as helping those in need. Julia is passionate about the healthcare field and making a difference for every individual. She currently volunteers for JUF, Jewish United Fund, with CJE SeniorLife an organization that aims to impact both local and global aspects of Jewish life, while also providing human services for the elderly. Julia is also a proud member and secretary for Chemistry Club as well as, member and Standards Representative of the Delta Iota Chapter of Sigma Delta Tau Sorority. 

Amber Sharma is a third year Biology major from Denver, Colorado. While Amber has always enjoyed exploring the Rocky Mountains, she is now happy to be studying in sunny Florida near the ocean! Amber loves the health sciences and hopes to pursue a career in medicine upon graduation. As a Community Care Coach, Amber is excited to work with her classmates to raise awareness about mental health and challenge the stigma associated with it.

Karen Kameo is a Junior majoring in Chemistry with a Public Health minor from Hollywood, FL. As a Dual Admission student, Karen plans to attend medical school for the D.O program after completing her bachelor’s degree. Having a passion for community involvement and public health, Karen aspires to become a doctor, in hopes to help individuals achieve their best health. Moreover, Karen wants to utilize the experience of being a Community Care Coach to better serve the NSU community as well as her own. In her spare time, Karen loves to read historical fiction books and draw henna designs. She is also an e-board member for the Inter-Organizational Council, serving as the Vice-President of Internal Operations.

Terin Phillip is a Senior Biology major from Orlando, FL. Upon graduation, Terin plans to take a gap year and continue to medical school, with a goal to focus on the wellness and health for female-identifying individuals. Terin wants to bring her love for compassion, empathy, teamwork, and creative pursuits to the Community Care Coach environment to help as many students as possible on or off campus. In her free time, Terin loves watching Criminal Minds, baking, and being an avid supporter of retail therapy! She is heavily involved in the Undergraduate Public Health Student Association, Pre-Medical Society, and A Helping Hand NSU on campus. She is also a proud sister of the Alpha Xi chapter of Delta Epsilon Mu (ΔΕΜ)

Kassandra Santos is a Senior double major in Elementary and Exceptional Student Education from Hollywood, Florida. Participating in both the Razors Edge Shark Teach and the Fischler Academy academic programs. Upon graduation, Kassandra plans to attend graduate school and achieve a Masters of Science of Education in Reading Education. Kassandra brings her passion for mental health, BIPOC inclusivity, and education, being a first-generation Latina college student, to the Community Care Coaches to help create an inclusive atmosphere for all students. Kassandra enjoys attending concerts/festivals and taste testing french fries of all kinds

Wildaliz Soto-Morales is a third year doctoral pharmacy student from San Sebastián, Puerto Rico. She completed a bachelor’s degree in cellular molecular biology and a master’s degree in epidemiology at the University of Puerto Rico. Upon graduation, Wildaliz plans to start working as a clinical pharmacist in the hospital setting. She is very passionate about the pharmacy profession, and wishes to focus her career as a clinical pharmacist in the intensive care unit. Wildaliz would like to work hard in order to change the standards and to advocate for many changes needed for the profession. As part of her hobbies, Wildaliz enjoys playing tennis, spending time with her dogs, cooking and baking.

Mia Perez is a sophomore taking Biology at Nova Southeastern University. After finishing at Nova Mia plans to continue education at NYU to become a perinatologist, which is a specialization in OBGYN to help women in high risk pregnancies and women that cannot convince children. Mia's passion began when she was at a young age, trying to follow the footsteps of her mother. She saw that many people that want to start families cannot, while taking internships in medical offices and doing volunteer work for organizations that help women in distress. Mia plans to travel and take care of women and children with illnesses in impoverished communities and find a way to cure them. Mia is always up to taking on any adventure and discovering new ways to find holistic ways to take care of oneself. Her goal is to be more attentive in school clubs and organizations to find connections with new people.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Care Coach please email:

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