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Cancer Research


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2022 Update on Breast Cancer by Dr. Latimer sponsored by NSU 




Cancer Prevention Webinar by Dr. Latimer Sponsored by NSU and Autonation


Cancer Prevention Webinar by Dr. Latimer.  Includes Tips on how to understand our food supply (GMO vs organic vs natural).


Watch TEDx Video on Premature Puberty Featuring Dr. Latimer



In the arena of cancer research, there is much talk about gene-environment interactions. While genetics is the aspect most commonly discussed, only about 15% of breast cancers (the 2nd most common cancer in American women) are due to familial inheritance of a mutation. Reportedly, the other 85% of breast cancer cases are affected by environmental factors including diet. In addition, the phenomenon of premature puberty in industrialized countries is on the rise and is related to an increased risk for breast cancer. This talk will underscore the importance of the environment in breast cancer prevention and introduce steps that can be taken to improve our own environmental factors. Jean Latimer is an associate professor at Nova Southeastern University.



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