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Register to Vote

Make Your Voice Count

NSU students are urged to practice their civic duty and vote in local, state, and national elections.

Florida residents can use the online voter registration application at You will need your Florida driver license or identification card issued by the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles. You can also register to vote in person. Contact your Supervisor of Elections’ office for more details.

NSU students in Puerto Rico can find more information online at

Non-Florida residents can find the information necessary to register in your state online at

Register to vote early! The deadline to register for an upcoming election is 29 days before that election.


How Can I Make Informed Decisions?

What is on my ballot?
You can usually view a sample ballot on your local election office's website or use a resource such as BallotReady or Ballotpedia to view a sample ballot and research detailed information on candidate profiles and positions.

How can I educate myself and decide for whom to vote?
Review local news articles and attend or view candidate debates and forums before voting.

Use a resource like BallotReady, Ballotpedia, or VoteSmart to research detailed information on a candidate's profile and position.

Review candidate questionnaires and editorial-board endorsements by local newspapers. Also check whether local parties or political organizations you are aware of or involved with have made endorsements. For judges, consider local bar association recommendations.

Do I have to vote for every position on my ballot?
No. If you don't feel sufficiently informed about a particular office, candidates, or issue, you can leave that category blank. This will not invalidate your ballot - your other selections will still be counted.

How can I get more involved?
Consider volunteering for a candidate's campaign (visit your preferred candidate's website to learn more) or working at a polling place on Election Day (contact your local election office to learn more).


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