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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I complete the Student Enrollment Agreement (SEA)?

A:  You will be prompted to complete the SEA as part of your registration process in SharkLink/Self Service Banner once registration for your program has opened.

Q:  What’s the purpose of the Student Enrollment Agreement (SEA)?

A:  The Student Enrollment Agreement (SEA) states many of the university's policies regarding course registration and students' financial responsibilities. The SEA promotes transparency and ensures that students are knowledgeable about the implications of registering for courses and dropping and/or adding courses.

Q:  What’s the best time to complete the SEA?

A:  The SEA becomes available online when registration for your program opens.

Q:  Do I have to complete a SEA each time I register?

A:  SEAs need to be completed once per calendar year.

Q:  What if I don’t complete a SEA?

A:  Students must agree to comply with the standards and policies outlined in the SEA in order to register for courses.  Any manual registration will be canceled unless a SEA is completed.

Q:  I registered with my academic advisor and did not complete a SEA. What do I do?

A:  Once registration is open,log in to SharkLink and select the Registration link in the Course Registration capsule. If you do not complete the SEA, your registration will be canceled.

Q:  I was notified by email that my registration will be canceled. What do I do?

A:  Students who registered manually, either with their program office or by submitting a Student Transaction Form, and who have not yet completed a SEA will receive an email message from the Office of the University Registrar prompting them to complete the SEA within 5 days. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of all classes for any terms without a SEA. To prevent cancellation of your registration, you must complete the SEA within the designated time period.

Q:  I didn’t complete the SEA in time, and my registration was canceled. Can my original registration be reinstated after I complete the SEA?

A:  After completion of the SEA, you may attempt to reregister, however, your original registration cannot be reinstated, and all classes may no longer be available.

Q:  What if I still have questions?

A:  Please call the Office of the University Registrar at (954) 262-7200.

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