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Invention Disclosure

The Invention Disclosure Form (IDF) is the official document through which any NSU inventor should disclose the invention. Filing of this document is the first step towards disclosing and possibly patenting your invention. If you believe you have a patentable invention we encourage you to fill out and submit the IDF. Without receiving a completed IDF, it is not possible for the OTT staff to initiate the process of protecting the intellectual property of your invention.

Download the invention disclosure form using the link given below and simply fill out the form according to the instructions. You are expected to provide as much detail as you think is necessary to clearly explain your idea/invention to someone who is not an expert in your field. It is also essential for you to disclose any important dates associated with the discovery process, the names of the inventors, and the sources of funding used to support any research that contributed to the development of this invention.

It is important to be mindful of the fact that submitting an invention disclosure does not protect the intellectual property (IP) of your invention, as this is only an internal document to be used for communicating with NSU’s OTT. Upon receipt of the IDF, the OTT staff will evaluate the invention and make a decision on filing a provisional patent application. Therefore, you should not disclose your invention to any external audience until a decision has been made regarding protection of intellectual property.

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