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Guy Harvey Oceanographic Center

Guy Harvey, Ph.D.Since Guy Harvey, Ph.D. has supported, and continues to support NSU in scholarship, research and the conservation of marine life, Nova Southeastern University (NSU) has named its newest research facility the NSU Guy Harvey Oceanographic Center.

"Nova Southeastern University has had a long-standing relationship with Dr. Harvey, and we're thrilled that will continue for many more years to come," said Hanbury. "His generosity is ensuring today’s leaders in marine sciences teach and pass on their expertise to tomorrow’s researchers. I am very pleased that Guy Harvey is putting his name - literally - on the growing legacy of our Oceanographic Center."

For many years, NSU has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Harvey through the NSU Guy Harvey Research Institute, where researchers and students work together as they study and learn about all aspects of our marine ecosystem.

While most people recognize Harvey as a marine wildlife artist, not many are aware that he earned a Ph.D. in fisheries biology. This love of the marine world, his desire to learn more about our ocean-bound neighbors and his mission to provide direction and assistance in the protection and conservation of these creatures that led to the formation of the NSU Guy Harvey Research Institute in 1999.

"I am honored to have my name on such a high profile building in South Florida that is doing cutting-edge marine science research," said Harvey. "It is the latest and most significant step in an incredible partnership with NSU that began 16 years ago. And it is my hope that the work that will be done in the future in this building will make a significant difference in the lives of many individuals and the conservation of our oceans’ resources." 

Along with Harvey’s signature on the side of the facility, his name will also adorn the roof of the building. Given NSU’s Guy Harvey Oceanographic Center is in the flight path for aircraft coming to and from Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, the potential is for millions of people to recognize his name as well as the City of Hollywood, Florida and NSU.

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